Twitter Detritus (02-10)

Another month’s worth of mental flotsam and jetsam in tweet-sized bites:

  • 01 – Choice between cabbage rolls and hot yoga. Culinary bliss won out over karmic bliss. Maybe I’ll do 2 classes Wednesday night.
  • 02 – The temp job is kinda mindless and repetitive but I’m OK with that right now. Doing it for a living? Probaby not. (No, not yoga stripper)
  • 03 – Great hot yoga class this evening. The yoga fairy smiled upon me tonight. Everything flowed, culminated by a near perfect shoulder stand.
  • 04 – Good yoga class tonight. Parsva Bakasana still unattainable. Salamba Sarvangasana was pretty good though.
  • 05 – So far the worst part of this “snow storm” are the idiots who still haven’t figured out how to drive in this crap. OMG! Snow in Ohio? WTF?
  • 05 – Can’t I rant in the privacy of my own room? Ignore anything you hear coming from there. Let me let off steam, OK?
  • 06 – Driveway is cleared. Heavy, wet snow. I’m good until more snow falls or a snowplow comes by. I didn’t miss this in Hawaii.
  • 08 – Is Matt Groening a nudist? I like Futurama’s positive treatment of casual nudity. Would love to visit the Nude Beach Planet.
  • 09 – Cleared drive & sidewalk after work. Will I have to do it again in the morning? Better to go to the snow than have the snow come to you.
  • 09 – According to Yoga Journal quiz the right form of yoga for me is Kundalini Yoga. I’ve tried it but didn’t seem a good fit. Take another look?
  • 10 – Just drifting snow in the drive. No point in shoveling it yet. The wind will just fill it up again. Sis, send some 64° weather my way.
  • 10 – Good hot yoga class. Small classes are great.
  • 11 – Good yoga class. Full back bend wasn’t happening but I did a rather nice headstand. Had a good chat with the owners too.
  • 12 – If you half-ass half-assery is it quarter-assery? Inquiring minds want to know.
  • 13 – Had a pretty good class this A.M.. Good workout, good sweat. Tired but refreshed. Famished too.
  • 14 – Quality time together today. Brunch at Fairborn Family Diner and grocery shopping. Who says romance is dead?
  • 15 – Long ago, in a faraway land, we ate pizza naked in the wee hours of the morning. Why? Because we were hungry.
  • 15 – Not much snow this AM. Cleared the driveway in anticipation of the next round. I do hope hot yoga is on for tonight.
  • 16 – Shoveled the driveway again. The mountains at the end of the drive are getting too high to throw the snow over. Had enough snow, thank you.
  • 17 – Didn’t have to shovel any snow today. Temps may get above freezing in the next few days. That would feel so wonderful!
  • 17 – Great hot yoga tonight. Towel helped keep the mat dry but need a longer one. Maybe I can put my sewing skills to use here.
  • 18 – Good yoga class. Some areas resist the natural yogic state a lot more than others. Some of that may be mental blocks I need to let go of.
  • 19 – I don’t know why Tiger Woods owes me an apology but if it will help him move on with his life then I forgive him. Now, Tiger, sin no more.
  • 19 – @gymnosophy I question clothing, I question authority, I even question my sanity.
  • 20 – Like I needed another blog. Adho Mukha Svanasana, getting down with the down dog.
  • 20 – Great class today. Even core work wasn’t too bad. Warrior poses still getting protests. I’m very tired, thirsty and hungry now. Lunch!
  • 20 – Why does it take so fargin’ long for my tweets to migrate to Facebook? Do they have to go through airport security or something?
  • 20 – Spent a lovely evening with my grandchildren. We had spaghetti, popcorn & hot cocoa (not all at once). Fun times, I treasure them.
  • 22 – RT @nakedjen: Life requires peace. Peace requires balance. And balance requires a certain amount of get-over-yourself. Amen.
  • 22 – As usual, installing a simple ceiling light is not as simple as it should be. Builders half-assed everything. Curse you, Mr. Huber!
  • 22 – Success! New kitchen light fixture installed despite half-assed electric box. Made it work. I am freakin’ awesome. Major self-esteem points.
  • 22 – Looking forward to B.K. Power Yoga tonight. Hope I can leave my ego at home so I can be in the moment and just let go.
  • 25 – Bryan Kest Power Yoga was awesome. Like his perspective. Asana portion left me sweat-soaked and tired. It was good, all good.
  • 25 – Good yoga class. Still seems to be a lot of resistance to my natural state.
  • 27 – doesn’t see much snow in his driveway but it still needs to be shoveled. Shouldn’t there be an app for that?
  • 27 – 1st instruction for bathroom shelf: “Assembly should be carried out by a qualified person.” Did it anyway. Never let that stop me before.

Tiger Woods, Apology Accepted

Another meaningless Facebook poll: After Tiger Woods’ apology, do you forgive him?

I have two questions regarding this. One, why does Tiger Woods owe me an apology? Second, does he really need my forgiveness?

Tiger Woods has done nothing to cause me harm, grief, or offense. Yeah, he was unfaithful to his wife and slept around with some women. He’s not the first man to commit adultery and he probably won’t be the last. I don’t approve of adultery but I’m not going to hold it against him.

Since he has not caused me any harm, grief, or offense, he doesn’t specifically need my forgiveness, not that he’s ever asked for it. But if it will make him feel better and help him get his life together, here it is — “Tiger, I forgive you. Now don’t let it happen again.”

Really Important Issues

Talking out my ass about the really important issues…

Should gay marriage be illegal?
No, marriage is a civil contract bestowing certain status and benefits on a couple. Why should anyone be denied status and benefits simply because of sexual orientation? That is, to put it succinctly, discrimination. If gay couples are married, it takes nothing away from my marriage or anyone else’s. My status, benefits and rights under the law are not diminished.
Should Tiger Woods convert from Buddhism to Christianity?
I don’t see any reason why he should. The pundits I’ve heard seem to believe that their particular brand of Christianity is the only “true” faith and have clearly and empathetically expressed their ignorance of other religions. Every major religion offers a means to achieve enlightenment and/or salvation, even if they don’t offer a personal savior or “get out of jail free” forgiveness.
Is the government and the media missing the point when it comes to terrorism?
Absolutely. The whole point of terrorism is to induce fear and terror. Terrorist attacks precipitate and maintain the level of fear. Al-Qaeda has been very successful in maintaining our fear and paranoia. The United States is a nation living in fear although I’m not sure who we should fear more, the terrorists or the government. In their abandonment of the Constitution, civil rights, due process, and common sense, I have more fear of the government. Al-Qaeda isn’t taking away our freedom, our own government is doing that as we hand it over to them in exchange for the illusion of safety. I can hear Ben Franklin and the other founding fathers saying, “We told you so.”
Should Pat Robertson be condemned for saying the Haitians deserved the quake and claiming they made a pact with the devil?
Maybe Pat Robertson should be condemned for being a pompous ass and a bigot. A natural disaster could just as easily befall his neighborhood. Would that mean he made a pact with the devil? (I suspect that he probably has.) Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis, tornados and other natural disasters have been occurring on Earth since long before Man appeared and will continue to happen long after we’ve driven ourselves to extinction. It’s not God’s wrath, just the natural order of things. We’re just visitors here and we’ve abused our welcome.
Are you upset that Conan may no longer host “The Tonight Show”?
No, I’m not upset at all. In fact, I don’t give a shit. I’ve got more important issues to deal with. I don’t even watch NBC and I rarely watch network television at all.