Seven Things About Me

Today’s Quote: “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” ~ Aldous Huxley

Song: American Woman
Artist: The Guess Who
Album: American Woman
Released: 1970
One of my most favorite-est albums of all time.

1. I’m a practicing nudist and someday I hope to get it right.
2. I am a self-diagnosed dysthymic. I’ve traced the origin to this condition to August 1984.
3. I’ve been known to fix computers by intimidating them. Never forget that they can sense fear.
4. I’ve nearly drowned twice, once in Lake Erie and once in the Grand River. I want to learn to swim.
5. I’m really a Luddite in geek’s clothing. I love technology that works and serves a purpose and loathe that which doesn’t.
6. I once participated in a threesome, a very long, long, time ago in a galaxy far, far away.
7. I have been to Hell and back (in a jeep).