We need more wholesome nudity on TV

Today’s Song: Eve Of Destruction
Artist: Barry McGuire
Album: Eve Of Destruction
Year: 1965
Eve-of-destructionNotes: This song was originally recorded by The Turtles but they didn’t release as a single until 1970 when it reached #100. McGuire’s version hit #1. As 1960s protest songs go, it’s still as relevant now as it was 42 years ago. (For What It’s Worth by Buffalo Springfield is another 60’s protest song that’s still relevant.)

Today’s Quote:
“Ah, you may leave here for four days in space,
But when you return it’s the same ol’ place,
The poundin’ of the drums, the pride an’ disgrace.
You can bury your dead, but don’t leave a trace.
Hate your next-door neighbor, but don’t forget to say grace”
— P. F. Sloan, Eve of Destruction

Documentaire – Nu et libre : Nudisme et naturisme (Documentary – Naked and free: nudism and naturism)
It is a German documentary dubbed in French about the history of naturism/FKK shown on ARTE TV (France). It’s about 50 minutes long but I thought it was worth watching even if it wasn’t in English.

It would be great if we had documentaries like that here in the U.S. but I’m not sure the Discovery, History, or National Geographic channels would air something like this. Yeah, they’ll do the history of sex and show some related nude “art” but naturism isn’t nearly as titillating as sex although most Americans can’t tell the difference or be bothered with knowing the difference. You can be sure PBS wouldn’t broadcast a documentary of this sort because they are so afraid of the FCC and losing government funding.