The Moral Landscape

Sam Harris on Jon Stewart: Religion is Immoral:

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Sam Harris
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One of the points Sam Harris makes in this interview that I find very troubling is that religions (or religious institutions) focus on moral issues that are ultimately personal choices rather than moral and ethical issues that affect society and mankind as a whole.

Issues such as contraception, abortion, and gay marriage are rather trivial when compared to war, genocide, slavery, inequality, intolerance and destroying the environment. Does it really matter if I use a condom, if I have sex in a position other than the approved man-on-top position, or if the gay couple next door wants legal recognition of their relationship? I really don’t believe God cares about those things. What matters is how we treat ourselves, each other and the planet we live on.

Our technology is increasingly making the world a global community whether we like it or not and it’s imperative that we find common ground and learn to get along. The common ground is in the basic Truths that are the foundation of most religions. The problem is that throughout history, religions have corrupted those Truths and added their own agendas to the Scriptures in order to hold power over their followers, to attain power and wealth, or some other purpose. We need to get back to those basic Truths then put all the other crap in our religions into its proper perspective or, better yet, just get rid of it.