Twitter Detritus (02-10)

Another month’s worth of mental flotsam and jetsam in tweet-sized bites:

  • 01 – Choice between cabbage rolls and hot yoga. Culinary bliss won out over karmic bliss. Maybe I’ll do 2 classes Wednesday night.
  • 02 – The temp job is kinda mindless and repetitive but I’m OK with that right now. Doing it for a living? Probaby not. (No, not yoga stripper)
  • 03 – Great hot yoga class this evening. The yoga fairy smiled upon me tonight. Everything flowed, culminated by a near perfect shoulder stand.
  • 04 – Good yoga class tonight. Parsva Bakasana still unattainable. Salamba Sarvangasana was pretty good though.
  • 05 – So far the worst part of this “snow storm” are the idiots who still haven’t figured out how to drive in this crap. OMG! Snow in Ohio? WTF?
  • 05 – Can’t I rant in the privacy of my own room? Ignore anything you hear coming from there. Let me let off steam, OK?
  • 06 – Driveway is cleared. Heavy, wet snow. I’m good until more snow falls or a snowplow comes by. I didn’t miss this in Hawaii.
  • 08 – Is Matt Groening a nudist? I like Futurama’s positive treatment of casual nudity. Would love to visit the Nude Beach Planet.
  • 09 – Cleared drive & sidewalk after work. Will I have to do it again in the morning? Better to go to the snow than have the snow come to you.
  • 09 – According to Yoga Journal quiz the right form of yoga for me is Kundalini Yoga. I’ve tried it but didn’t seem a good fit. Take another look?
  • 10 – Just drifting snow in the drive. No point in shoveling it yet. The wind will just fill it up again. Sis, send some 64° weather my way.
  • 10 – Good hot yoga class. Small classes are great.
  • 11 – Good yoga class. Full back bend wasn’t happening but I did a rather nice headstand. Had a good chat with the owners too.
  • 12 – If you half-ass half-assery is it quarter-assery? Inquiring minds want to know.
  • 13 – Had a pretty good class this A.M.. Good workout, good sweat. Tired but refreshed. Famished too.
  • 14 – Quality time together today. Brunch at Fairborn Family Diner and grocery shopping. Who says romance is dead?
  • 15 – Long ago, in a faraway land, we ate pizza naked in the wee hours of the morning. Why? Because we were hungry.
  • 15 – Not much snow this AM. Cleared the driveway in anticipation of the next round. I do hope hot yoga is on for tonight.
  • 16 – Shoveled the driveway again. The mountains at the end of the drive are getting too high to throw the snow over. Had enough snow, thank you.
  • 17 – Didn’t have to shovel any snow today. Temps may get above freezing in the next few days. That would feel so wonderful!
  • 17 – Great hot yoga tonight. Towel helped keep the mat dry but need a longer one. Maybe I can put my sewing skills to use here.
  • 18 – Good yoga class. Some areas resist the natural yogic state a lot more than others. Some of that may be mental blocks I need to let go of.
  • 19 – I don’t know why Tiger Woods owes me an apology but if it will help him move on with his life then I forgive him. Now, Tiger, sin no more.
  • 19 – @gymnosophy I question clothing, I question authority, I even question my sanity.
  • 20 – Like I needed another blog. Adho Mukha Svanasana, getting down with the down dog.
  • 20 – Great class today. Even core work wasn’t too bad. Warrior poses still getting protests. I’m very tired, thirsty and hungry now. Lunch!
  • 20 – Why does it take so fargin’ long for my tweets to migrate to Facebook? Do they have to go through airport security or something?
  • 20 – Spent a lovely evening with my grandchildren. We had spaghetti, popcorn & hot cocoa (not all at once). Fun times, I treasure them.
  • 22 – RT @nakedjen: Life requires peace. Peace requires balance. And balance requires a certain amount of get-over-yourself. Amen.
  • 22 – As usual, installing a simple ceiling light is not as simple as it should be. Builders half-assed everything. Curse you, Mr. Huber!
  • 22 – Success! New kitchen light fixture installed despite half-assed electric box. Made it work. I am freakin’ awesome. Major self-esteem points.
  • 22 – Looking forward to B.K. Power Yoga tonight. Hope I can leave my ego at home so I can be in the moment and just let go.
  • 25 – Bryan Kest Power Yoga was awesome. Like his perspective. Asana portion left me sweat-soaked and tired. It was good, all good.
  • 25 – Good yoga class. Still seems to be a lot of resistance to my natural state.
  • 27 – doesn’t see much snow in his driveway but it still needs to be shoveled. Shouldn’t there be an app for that?
  • 27 – 1st instruction for bathroom shelf: “Assembly should be carried out by a qualified person.” Did it anyway. Never let that stop me before.

DIY Dryer Vent

dryer vent 01

For some reason either the builders or the guy who flipped the house before I bought it thought it would be a great idea for the dryer to vent straight up through the roof, never considering the possibility that the average household clothes dryer probably doesn’t produce enough air pressure to send all that lint straight up 15 or 20 feet. When the dryer stops, all the lint that hadn’t quite made it all the way out succumbed to the forces of gravity or got stuck in the pipe.

After many years it became obvious to me that there had to be a better way. First I tried a water trap vent which caught a great deal of lint but a lot still got spread all over the house. Again, I found myself thinking there had to be a better way and it had to take the lint and the hot air outside. So I measured the window across from the dryer and made a trip to a nearby major chain hardware store where I obtained a half sheet of plywood, a dryer vent and a couple of door handles. I measured the window and cut the plywood down to size, then I cut a hole in it and mounted the dryer vent. I attached a handle to it so I could place it in the window on laundry day and remove it when I was finished.

I was a little off in my measurements, having forgotten to account for the inside portions of the window frame through which the board would have to pass. I trimmed it so it would fit.

We tried it out today and it worked pretty well. I still need to make a few finishing touches such as finding some foam rubber to help with the drafts, some kind of protective coating and a more elegant means of attaching the dryer hose. I currently have two hoses duct taped together. It’s not pretty but it works and it gets the lint out of the house. Perhaps later on, I’ll look at making it a semi-permanent installation.

Kitchen Light

kitchenlight2Over the weekend I picked up a cheap light fixture to replace the aging and sometimes not working florescent light in my kitchen. Today I removed the old fixture and once again marveled at the half-assery that is common to all Huber Homes. The electrical box was somehow tacked to the ceiling joist and contained a morass of wiring with splices that would put fear into the heart of a licensed electrician. To top it off, the box was just far enough from the top of the drywall to prevent me from attaching the new fixture.

So I made the trek to Lowe’s to find longer screws. But first I looked in the electrical aisle to see if I could find something. I found a ceiling fan mount that’s designed to be used where access to the ceiling is limited. (Adam used such a mount for a ceiling fan in his new home.)

I returned home and took another look at what I was dealing with. This time I decided that I really didn’t want to sort out the wiring and figure out how to remove the box. I’m still wondering how the builders managed to mount it there in the first place. I suspect it was mounted before the drywall was installed. The hole appears to be an afterthought.

kitchenlight3Looking through my miscellaneous parts and junk I found a package of faucet washers and decided that they would make excellent spacers to bring the mounting bracket down to where I could attach the light fixture. I removed the old tape and retaped the splices. I’m sure the electrical tape had been there at least 17 years, possibly even 50. I used about four washers on each side to sufficiently lower the bracket.

So now have a nice, new lighting fixture in my kitchen. It’s a little bit right of center and the ceiling looks like shit but I can live with it until I have the funding to do a proper remodeling project.

Master of half-assery

Today’s Quote: “Everyone is a prisoner of his own experiences. No one can eliminate prejudices – just recognize them.” ~ Edward R. Murrow, television broadcast, December 31, 1955

Bookends_S-GSong: A Hazy Shade of Winter
Artist: Simon & Garfunkel (Paul Simon)
Album: Bookends
Released: 1968
The version of this song that has been going through my head today is The Bangles’ 1987 cover from the Less than Zero soundtrack. Generally, I prefer to go to the version by the original artist or composer.

I’ve sort of followed cargoweasel‘s fitness and weight loss progress on Live Journal so it was with great interest that I read his LJ about Externalities and weight loss. It was an interesting read with several good comments and it gave me some things to think about.

I’ve had a lifelong aversion to participating in athletics and to exercise in general. I think it goes back to a somewhat traumatic experience during a PE class in elementary school. At least that’s what I’ve always blamed it on. Just the same, I’ve always associated physical fitness with pain, as in the adage, “no pain, no gain”. And because I don’t exercise regularly, there is usually pain and soreness simply because I’m not used to doing it. Whenever I’ve tried to motivate myself to get in shape, I’ve always tried to do it on my own, to endure the pain alone. That’s why I’ve always failed. It’s easy to talk myself out of going through an experience that’s sure to result in discomfort or pain. Even when I try to talk myself through it, in the back of my mind, I suspect I’m lying to myself. A support group of one is essentially useless.

Whilst perusing some blogs today, I came across the term, “half-assery” which is defined by the Urban Dictionary as “The act of leaving tasks unfinished (Half-Assed)”. I like it and I see plenty of potential to use this term in daily speech. I see plenty of half-assery everyday. It seems to be a way of life these days. I think it comes from handing out half-assed self-esteem rather than the achievement-based self-esteem that used to be given out. Using this approach in the public school system ensures future half-assery and half-assery becomes self-perpetuating. Within a few generations, achievement-based self-esteem will be relegated to historical reference only. But then again, history will be irrelevant because who wants to know about stuff that happened before?

I’ve made it through 22 days of Lent and 4 Sundays without caving in to temptation.