The dripping has stopped

The toilet no longer leaks. It’s a small victory but I’ll take it. This victory hasn’t lessened my disdain for doing my own plumbing. There’s still the shut off valve, which isn’t a big deal unless I need to turn off the water to just the toilet. I suspect that the valve seats need to be replaced but is it worth the effort and potential aggravation? I could probably replace the valve myself but I don’t feel comfortable with the operation. I’m worried I’d set the house on fire or something.

While not an emergency, the condensation problem with the AC needs to be taken care of as the wet spot gets larger with each passing day. I’ll call someone tomorrow. (I promise!) It’s getting harder to step around it.

I hate plumbing

I have a lot of respect for plumbers, I really do. They must have the patience of Job. I think other job requirements are to be a contortionist and to not be claustrophobic. I hate doing my own “simple” plumbing jobs. I couldn’t imagine doing it for a living. I completely understand why they charge what they do (and they make it look so easy).

My flapper needed replacing so I decided to get the ballcock and everything. After gettting that installed, the end of the supply line broke so I had to get a new one. Got that one and the tank is leaking. Great. So I take it all apart and apply a little bit of silicone caulk and that takes care of that. Now when I flush the toilet, it fills to the brim and it drains very slowly. After the water level finally returns to normal, I noticed that water is still running into the bowl — the damned flapper isn’t sealing right. And to top it all off, the shut off valve may need to be replaced. That’s a job for a professional, or at least someone more skilled in the plumbing arts than I.

I guess I’ll get another flapper (just the flapper) and see how that works. And now I have sewer water bubbling up in my front yard like a spirng.

The wet carpet from the air conditioning will probably require a professional as well. I got the panel opened up enough to peak inside and it doesn’t look like anything I want to get involved with. Of course, I can’t call anyone until Tuesday; it’s not exactly an emergency. I’m about ready to sell the place and become a renter again.

Technology Sucks

Can someone tell me why I work in Information Technology? Oh, yeah, it’s because I have no other marketable skills. Technology is great when it works and sucks ass when it doesn’t. When technology sucks ass, the Luddite in me begins to surface. I just don’t have the patience for crap that doesn’t work. I don’t have the answers and the resources that should have the answers only provide me with a bunch of hi-tech mumbo jumbo that the developers don’t even understand. Where’s my 20-lb sledge hammer when I really need it?

First timer

My daughter-in-law sent me a link to her online journal, which I read (comments and all). Then I said, to myself, “Self, this could be fun. Let’s give it a try.” And so, here I am.

Right now I’m watching the Graham Norton Effect on Comedy Central. It’s such an outrageous show! After the show, it will be time to pay some bills — so depressing! But it has to be done.

Why is it that disasters/crises at work always happened just before 5:00? “My computer just crashed and it’s critical that I have it up and running in the morning!” Sorry about your luck, dude. When you get a BSOD in the Recovery Console, it’s bad, really bad. I’m thinking it’s most likely a case of demonic possession.

Sorry if I seem to be rambling but it’s my first time.