WILD Experience

A couple of mornings ago I had what I thought to be an unusual experience while attempting the WILD technique. After a couple of minutes I felt a vibration throughout my body and sort of a sensation of paralysis. I attempted to tap my fingers (FILD) but could not move them although I could feel the tension in my muscles in my fingers as I tried to move them. There were also various images flashing through my mind. I felt as if there was an impenetrable barrier between the hypnagogic and dream states and my attempts to will myself through it were unsuccessful.

Throughout the entire experience I was aware of my surroundings. I could feel my wife’s body pressing against me and I was aware of sounds around me. After what seemed like an hour or more I was exhausted by my efforts and fell into a sleep state in which I recalled no dreams.


Author: Rick

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2 thoughts on “WILD Experience”

  1. Hey congratulations! It sounds like you were one step away from an astral projection. Did you try to move your astral body away from your physical one?

    I haven’t been able to make the WILD technique work for me in terms of a lucid dream, but it has worked well to create the state you mention and astral project.


  2. I didn’t have astral projection or an OOBE in mind so moving my astral body didn’t occur to me. I was hoping to induce a lucid dream.

    I’ve been going through a bit of a dream drought and having difficulty remembering dreams. I’ll either remember very small fragments or only recall that I’d dreamed. Sometimes the dream memory fades almost immediately after waking up.


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