11-17-17 Update

What I’m reading
I’m still reading Dreams of Awakening but not as often as I probably should be. I’m currently reading about developing mindfulness and mindfulness meditation.

Event I attended
The Wayne High School Marching Band held its Sounds of the Stadium concert on Saturday. The concert highlights the songs they played during the season to include football games, band festivals, and various local festivals. They featured the seniors in the band for one number and it was a treat to see my grandson Ben play and dance. After the concert, the percussion section stayed on the stage and were joined by most of the band for a a bit of dancing. The trombone section came out for some trombone spinning.. It’s too bad that the after show never gets included with the concert DVD. It’s great to see the band get down and have a good time.

SOS-171111-57The band still has one more performance this season, the Dayton Children’s Parade on the Friday after Thanksgiving. It’s quite a show. Everyone in the band strings Christmas lights on their instruments. Ben uses LED lights on his trombone so it really stands out. If they spin their trombones in the parade, it should look spectacular. I’m not sure how Abigail will attach lights to her cymbals.

Projects I’ve been working on
We had a couple of really cold nights recently and the leaves fell from the trees pretty much all at once. It took a couple of days but I got all my leaves moved to the curb where the city will eventually come around with their leaf sucking truck. To move the leaves from the back yard, I get them into a big pile and then move them onto a big tarp and drag them to the curb. It”s a lot easier than blowing and raking them the entire distance.

My Linux desktop began to get a little more flaky and locking up unexpectedly at least a couple times a day. I’ve always had some minor issues with Linux Mint on this particular computer. I think there may have been a few compatibility issues with the AMD chipset. I looked around online for a suitable refurbished desktop PC and found a Lenovo M91p at Micro Center in Cincinnati at a reasonable price. It was advertised with a 500GB hard drive and while getting system information prior to installing Linux, I discovered that it actually had a 2TB drive. My lucky day! With that much disk space I decided to keep the Windows 10 installation and dual boot it with Linux. (I had originally intended to delete Windows.)

I had set up a similar computer for my wife a while back so I swapped some memory bringing her computer down from 24GB to 16MB and taking mine from it’s original 8GB to 16GB. Once I’d done a backup of of my old PC I took its memory and brought the new system up to 32GB. Once set up, I did some tweaking and it’s running pretty nicely. I still haven’t brought up and configured the Windows 10 partition. I’m not in any particular hurry as I’m not particularly found of Windows 10 though I like it better than 8. When I have to use Windows, I use 7.

2017-11-12I’m not sure that this is a project but I’ve been seeing friends on Facebook doing a black-and-white photo challenge. Though I haven’t been challenged, I thought the idea was interesting so I began taking and posting a daily black-and-white photo. This has kind of renewed my appreciation for the medium of black-and-white which I believe is a very underrated and powerful medium.

Something I learned recently
While getting a haircut earlier this week, I told the stylist that I parted my hair on the right. She explained to me how my natural part was actually on the left and proceeded to show me how parting it on the left let my hair fall naturally and that by parting it on the right, I had to force it to stay in place since it was going against its natural inclination. And to think I’ve been parting my hair on the right for as long as I can remember, for over 50 years. She cut it so that I could part it on either side and decide which I preferred. So far, going with the natural part seems to be working well for me.

Quotes I’ve been pondering
“You don’t have to explain your dreams, they belong to you.” ~ Paulo Coelho
“No man remains quite what he was when he recognizes himself.” ~ Thomas Mann


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