11-03-17 Update

What I’m reading
I’ve been reading Dreams of Awakening: Lucid Dreaming and Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep by Charlie Morley on my Kindle. It’s quite engaging, especially with its spiritual aspect (Tibetan Buddhism). I’m taking notes so it will probably take me a while.

Events I attended
On Friday, my wife, granddaughter and I attended the Philippine-American Association of Dayton’s Halloween party. I went as a monk. When asked what order I was from, I responded with “Out of Order” because no one seemed to get it when I answered “The Order of Gnostic Heretics.” I was worried that I might be asked to give the benediction. I had nothing prepared and anything I might have come up with probably would have considered blasphemous. Fortunately, I was not called upon. There were a lot of great costumes and lots of good food.

Things I’ve watched
I just started my free trial of Hulu and the first thing I watched was the first seven episodes of The Orville, a Star Trek like series created by Seth McFarlane. Other than that, I’m finding it difficult to find anything that seems to interest me. I have the same experience with Netflix.

Quotes I’m pondering

“The art of knowing is knowing what to ignore.” ~ Rumi

“Our species needs, and deserves, a citizenry with minds wide awake.” ~ Carl Sagan


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