State of Dreaming (10/12)

My efforts to have lucid dreams seem to have regressed lately. For a while I was regularly remembering my dreams, at least one nearly every night but now I seem to be remembering them less frequently and most of those I do recall seem to have fewer details and rather generic. I had a solid week where I didn’t remember any dreams or the dreams faded almost immediately upon waking.

I’ve reading Robert Waggoner’s Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple and taking a lot of notes. Since I’m reading it on a Kindle, it’s taking a while. In the book, he has some exercises that looked interesting.

One was a practice for the MILD technique in which you look at a recent dream, find a point in the dream which could have triggered lucid awareness, and rewrite the dream from that point as if you were lucidly aware in the dream. I chose to try it with the pool dream I had on September 20th. [State of Dreaming (9/22)]. The main difference between the dream and the rewrite was that in the dream I just found myself in the air with the others while in the rewrite I had become lucid and chose to fly up there. I was only able to rewrite it as far as the original dream went. I was at a loss as to how I would have moved the dream forward.

Another exercise from the book was an exercise to find symbolism and meaning in dream objects. The exercise was to review the written dream, list all the nouns and then, next to each noun, write three descriptive words or short phrases. Then I rewrote the dream, replacing the nouns with the descriptive words. The results were interesting.

On a couple of occasions I tried a technique from the book called “Countdown to Lucidity.” This is a technique that can be used when you’re already drowsy or have awaken in the middle of the night. You close your eyes and begin counting: “One, I am dreaming. Two, I am dreaming. Three, I am dreaming.” And so on. So far, I haven’t had any success with this technique. I first tried it one afternoon when I felt drowsy after reading and decided I’d try to take a nap. I’d counted up to over 400 before deciding that it wasn’t working.

That same night I tried it again after having woken up around 1AM. I fell asleep sometime after passing 100 but didn’t recall any dreams other than a dream that occurred about five hours later.

This morning I set an alarm to wake me up early so I could attempt a WILD and used the countdown technique to get back to sleep after being awake for about half an hour. After reaching 100, I stopped and drifted off to sleep normally. The only dream I recalled was one I had just before my alarm went off.

On the other hand, I’ve made progress in my meditation practice and have been meditating twice a day. Aside from my meditation, I find the shower to be a good place for contemplation. I’ve been reading the online magazine, Lucid Dreaming Experience, and found some articles about surrendering to the lucidity in a lucid dream or the awareness behind the dream. That got me to thinking about my concept of surrender. In Western culture, surrender is seen as giving up, admitting defeat, or relinquishing control through demand or compulsion. In many Eastern philosophies, such as yoga and Buddhism, surrender often means willingly submitting to a divine power, a higher consciousness, or the Inner Self. I prefer the Eastern connotation but I’m a product of Western culture. Maybe I need to reword my intentions to reflect a willingness to accept the gifts and blessings of the Inner Self or the Greater Awareness.

Letting go is another concept I have trouble with. It seems to imply loss because when I let go of something (an object, an idea, a belief, a habit), I no longer have it. It seems that having “something” is empowering, even if that something no longer serves me, holds me back, or may be harmful or toxic. I’m still working with that one.


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  1. In a dream I had this morning, I seemed to have a general awareness that I was dreaming and at a couple of points my “conscious” mind (or a consciousness outside the dream) realized waking reality facts about the dream locale and certain dream figures. This “knowledge” did not confirm the setting of the dream nor did it affect the way the dream played out.

    I seem to have had a general awareness in nearly every dream I remember. During the course of these dreams I can’t recall any indication that the locations or scenarios were “real” or actually occurring. Nor have there been any overt realizations of “This isn’t real, it must be a dream!” When I’ve recalled a dream, I generally wake up from the dream but I can’t usually pinpoint a particular reason for waking.

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  2. While meditating this morning, a thought came to meet relating to yesterday’s dream (10/13). Generally, I do seem to have an awareness that I’m dreaming (in Ed Kellogg’s Lucidity Continuum – pre-lucid, sub-lucid, and semi-lucid). My dreams of late seem to hover in in the sub-lucid and semi-lucid range. What occurred to me in my meditation was that the conscious awareness of my dreaming was outside the dream although it did interject into the dream on a couple occasions. It was like I was watching a play and made a couple of comment about the plot but the actors either don’t hear me or they ignore me.

    My challenge is to raise my lucidity level and move that conscious awareness into the dream where I can make use of it. I should be playing myself in my dreams, not an actor.

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  3. Not much new in my dream world. I’m starting to remember dreams a little more often now, some times a couple hours after waking from them.

    Still no lucid dreams but there have been a few interesting ones. In one dream I am working in a very top secret facility and I’m called upon to terminate an employee, literally. In another recent dream I’m in a physics lecture at a university and during the lecture, formulas and equations start appearing on a screen and Sheldon Cooper’s voice booms out over the PA and mocks the intelligence of the professor.

    While I may not have achieved lucidity in my dreams yet, they are interesing.

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