State of Dreaming 9/22

I read in Robert Waggoner’s book about the various level of lucidly in dreams and it’s possible that I’ve been at a lower level of lucidity where I’m aware that it’s a dream but it’s interesting so I opt to see how it plays out. I’ve also read how one’s beliefs, fears, and mental attitudes can interfere with having lucid dreams. I don’t have any beliefs that would prohibit delving into lucid dreaming and I’m quite open to the ideas of it and the possibilities of lucid dreaming.

In waking life, I’ve never been one to take control or be in the forefront, preferring instead to work in the background or on the sidelines. I’ve always preferred to observe, document, and draw conclusions. I think that carries over to my dreams. There are inhibitions in my waking life that carry over into my dreaming life and I need to overcome them and be more willing to assert myself in both realities.

Here are a couple of recent dreams (non-lucid or low lucidity)

September 15
The dream starts out in an apocalyptic future on Earth. The land is barren but we still have much of our technology. I’m a manual laborer, and I’ve been recruited to work in the cargo hold of a spacecraft. I tell the recruiter that I’m not qualified for that kind of work but he says that’s not a problem as he puts a helmet-like device on my head and flips a few switches. I hear the device hum and I feel it vibrate, then I feel a current flow through me for few seconds, and suddenly I’m fully trained for the job.

Then I’m aboard the spacecraft and we are traveling in outer space. Several other workers and I are in the cargo area of the craft. We are notified that some sort of alien entity is attacking the ship and we start making preparations for the attack. We don space suits and ready our weapons. There are not enough weapons for everyone so I don’t have one. The entity attacks and the hull is breached. The entity looks like a shark. In the initial attack, several workers are killed and I’m able to obtain a weapon. We fire laser weapons at the “space shark” thing but they don’t seem to have much effect on it. All seems lost.

Next I find myself back on Earth many years later. I had apparently survived the space shark attack and lived to be quite old. I’m in a vehicle with several other people and we are stopped by a cop. The cop recognizes me and says, “Romig, eh?” somewhat derisively. He says that I shouldn’t have survived that mission when no one else had and hints that I must have been a coward. I don’t respond. I know that I’d fought valiantly but I have no recollection of how I survived or how I was rescued. I think that the event had either been so traumatic that I’d blocked it from my memory or that my memory of it had been deliberately and permanently erased.

September 20
A small dream fragment. I am at a large outdoor Olympic-sized pool. Three athletic-looking men, around college-aged, are skinny-dipping in the pool and they suddenly leap out of the water like dolphins to a height of maybe 20 feet n the air. When they reach the apex of their trajectory, they stop and hover in the air. At this point, I am watching them from the same level as they are so I am apparently also hovering 20 feet in the air although I don’t know how I got there. Then one of the men decides he’s going to belly flop into the pool and drops straight down with his arms and legs outstretched. He hits the water and makes a big splash while the other two and I watch from above. This is when I awake.


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3 thoughts on “State of Dreaming 9/22”

  1. It’s been a week since I’ve remembered any dreams and the few that I remembered in the previous week were very small fragments and contained nothing I saw as interesting or unusual.

    Some nights I’ll wake from a dream but it will fade away before I have a chance to remember it and write it down. The last interesting dreams I had were on September 20 and they were only a small fragments. I related the first dream in my post above and my deceased grandmother appeared in a second dream that same night. She was a minor dream character and I didn’t interact with her.


  2. In Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple, Robert Waggoner outlines an exercise to practice using the MILD technique in which you write down a recent dream, identify the point in the dream that could have prompted lucid awareness, and then, using that starting point, rewrite the dream as if you had become lucid.

    I did the written exercise using the pool dream and chose the point where the guys were hovering 20 feet in the air as the place I would have become lucidly aware and rewrote the remainder of the remembered dream. That part was fairly easy but once I’d witnessed the spectacular belly flop, I was at a loss where to go from there. Here I am, flying/floating 20 feet in the air…what do I do now? Or had I already taken the exercise as far as I needed to?

    In doing my “rewrite” of the dream, I got curious about the physics involved. Ignoring drag, the guy would have hit the water after about a second of freefall at a speed of about 23 miles per hour. And he was naked. I’m sure that would have hurt in waking reality.


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