07-07-17 update

Event I attended
We had a family cookout on the 4th with enough food to feed several families. We’re still eating leftovers. It was good to have the family together, well most of them. My eldest grandson was visiting Chicago with his girlfriend’s family.

A relaxing evening
After my younger son and his family had gone home, my eldest son went out for the evening, and my wife went out to visit some of her friends, I had the house to myself which is a situation that I often enjoy. With mowing the lawn, preparing for the cookout, and everything else, I was a bit hot and sweaty by the evening and ready for a shower.

Since no one else was home, I could find no compelling reason to get dressed after my shower and enjoyed several hours of I call “nude solitude.” I turned on the television and placed a large bath towel on the recliner (proper nudist etiquette) and just relaxed in my natural state. I’d occasionally get up to find something to snack on but most of the time I was just chilling out in my birthday suit. My naked time is sacred and precious to me and I don’t get enough of it. It’s hard to describe the sensations of comfort, relaxation, and liberation I feel when I can be nude for an extended period of time. It’s something that has to be experienced to be appreciated.

Facebook memory of the week
July 6, 2009: “Had that dream where I was the only one naked. In this dream everyone was totally oblivious to my nudity. It was no big deal. Cool, eh?” Facebook offered up the same memory on this date last year and I commented on it in MojoNude: Naked Dream Memory. It’s my Utopian hippie dream to live in a society where simple nudity is accepted as just another clothing option and the sight of bare buttocks, a penis, a scrotum, a vulva, or an exposed nipple is no more noteworthy or shocking than an ear, a foot, or a hand. I want to live in a world where the human body is accepted as natural and body shame is just a relic of the past that causes people to wonder how anyone could have lived like that.

Purchase I’m loving
We purchased our first new living room set in about 30 years last week and it was delivered this past Saturday. Each piece has sections that recline and they are quite comfortable. The old furniture was either 30 years old or given to us by friends so it was nice to have something new to sit on for a change. We’ll be in debt for a while but I’m hoping to pay it off in about a year to avoid interest charges.

What I’m reading
I’m still reading The Devil in the Shape of a Woman: Witchcraft in Colonial New England by Carol F. Karlsen. I need to pick up my Kindle or open a book more often than I do. I guess there are too many other distractions.

Quotes I’ve been pondering
“It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.” ~ Audre Lorde

“Why do we, as a culture and as a society, insist that we must to be protected from that which is not likely to harm us? ” ~ R.B. Romig

“No one can imagine how wonderful it is to experience social nudity without actually experiencing it. To hear it is not enough, transformation only comes from the experience of clothes free.” ~ sassycoupleok

“There’s no shame in nudity. It’s simply human. The photo of me nude is no more sexual than of me clothed. It’s all in our minds. I’m an “out” nudist. I hope more will join me. It’s time for society to realize it’s really not a fringe thing – we are your neighbors, dentists, auto mechanics, and friends. It is time to legalize simple nudity.” ~ Anonymous

“Anytime you get a wild urge to really connect with your inner self, try nude meditation. There is something amazing about releasing the standard boundaries that modern society places on you and really connecting with your inner self. Nude meditation allows all the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical benefits of meditation.” ~ Patrick Ray, Energy Healing Info

“By meditating without your clothes on, you can go back to being as you were once you came into this world. Your naked self is what truly is important, and what you could call your natural state. Many cultures teach us that being naked is something we should be ashamed about, and that we should hide our imperfections. By practicing nude meditation, I am able to disconnect my physical body from its sexual nature, and accept what I truly am.” ~ Meditation Relax Club


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6 thoughts on “07-07-17 update”

  1. On Thursday I spent the the entire day on a canoe, on a river, paddling naked with 3 others. It had been a long time since I had an experience like that. It was quite liberating. I haven’t felt so free, good, or at peace in a long time. I will have to try this nude meditation you speak of.


    1. Sounds like a fun day. I haven’t had an experience like that in a while.

      After my kids left the nest, I converted one of the bedrooms into a personal space for yoga and meditation where I do both in the nude.

      I’ve been reading your blog and finding it quite interesting. I’m new to lucid dreaming, haven’t had any lucid dreams yet but I’m looking forward to it. Right now I’m working on remembering my dreams.

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      1. How is the dream recall going? Don’t know what techniques you’re using, but I thought I’d suggest lying in bed for 10 minutes or so after waking up. I often find I don’t remember any dreams upon waking, but if I allow myself to stay in bed a bit and slowly wake up, often between 1 and 3 dreams will come back to me.

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        1. I’ve only been actively trying to recall my dreams for a couple of weeks but I’ve been able recall one every 3 or 4 days although it’s not always the whole dream. I’ve gone into my personal journals for the last 2 years and noted the dreams I remembered and recorded. In those past dreams I’ve noticed a few recurring themes, notably military and academic. I’ve also noted a few common locations such as Germany, highways, and mazes. I’ve had lots of dream where I’m in buildings with maze-like corridors.

          When I go to bed, I’ve been doing a mindful meditation focusing on the breath and I repeat an intention to remember my dreams. I’ll try your suggestion of lying in bed for a while after waking.

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          1. I rarely remember the whole dream either. I like to believe I remember the important parts.

            That’s really interesting that you dream of mazes and maze like corridors often. What do you make of it?

            Intention is everything. I definitely do better as well if I can set an intent in bed before falling asleep. Sometimes sleep comes too fast though.

            Separately – I tried your idea to meditate and do yoga naked. It’s very liberating to not be bogged down by clothing


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