05-26-17 update

Events I attended
On Saturday, we hosted a graduation party for our eldest grandson, Jacob. We were concerned about the weather and a couple of heavy showers hit while we were setting up but we were fortunately blessed with good weather for the party itself.

As with any Pinoy social function there was plenty of food, naturally resulting in plenty of leftovers and we actively encourage people to take home as much as they wanted. A lot of the guest were my wife’s friends, some of my daughter-in-law’s family, and Jacob’s friends from choir. I’d have to say it was quite successful.

On Sunday evening we attended Jacob’s graduation ceremony. Ben was part of the hand playing Pomp and Circumstance and a few other songs. The program had the choir seniors perform two numbers so we got to hear him sing again.

Dumb ass thing I did
Just before going the graduation, I got something out of my truck and accidentally locked my keys inside it. The next day I went down to the Chevy dealership to inquire about getting a new key made. I only had one key and I’d been meaning to get a spare since I bought the truck six-and-a-half years ago. I called roadside assistance and had someone come by and unlock the truck fro me. I found the keys behind the seat. On Tuesday, I had a spare key made. I also finally got around to getting hard copies of my vehicle titles, something else I’d been meaning to get done.

Technology issues
The satellite receiver box for the bedroom TV went out. The satellite provide sent out a new box and, surprisingly, I received it the next day. I had to make a couple calls to customer support to get it set up. It was a High Definition receiver and I couldn’t receive the HD channels since my account is for standard definition. Once I got that resolved, I found I wasn’t getting the international channels. A tech came out this morning, made some changes in my setup, and tweaked the dish alignment a bit. He suggested that I trim some of the branches of the tree that hangs over that corner of the house which I did later in the afternoon.

Quotes I’m pondering
“Whatever the circle of hell in which we live, I think we are free to break out of it. And if people do not break out, they stay there of their own free will.” – Jean-Paul Sartr

“You don’t seem to understand you are in prison. If you are to get out of prison the first thing you must realize is: You are in prison. If you think you are free, you can’t escape.” – George Ivanovich Gurdjieff


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