05-12-17 update

What I’m watching
I’ve been watching The Tudors for the second time on NetFlix. One of the things I like about it is that it follows the history reasonably well. They changed a few facts for whatever reason, but they manage to get many of the events of Henry VIII’s reign pretty close, very unlike many other historical drama series I’ve seen.

What I’m reading
I’m still reading The Children’s Blizzard by David Laskin when the mood to read strikes me. Several reviews I read on Goodreads complained about his explanations of the meteorological background but I found them interesting and felt that they added to my understanding of the events of that tragic day.

Project I’m working on
I got busy getting the garden ready for planting. I raked out the twigs and weeds which had accumulated over the winter. Then I turned over the soil using a shovel which, for my small garden space, worked fairly well. After that I mixed a few bags of topsoil and manure together, and mixed with the the existing soil. Hopefully, we’ll have a good harvest this year.

Events I attended
On Tuesday we attended Jacob’s last concert with the Wayne Choir. It was quite enjoyable. I especially enjoyed the Choraliers’ rendition of Queen’s Somebody to Love and the full choir’s beautiful treatment of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.

On Thursday we watched Abigail perform in her last concert at Weisenborn. She played tympani, cymbals, and snare. She’ll be moving on to the high school band in the fall and attending the marching band camp this summer.

Technology I’m working with
About a month ago I created a little Bash script to copy an image file from a temporary folder to my journal and Dropbox folders on my PC. The script worked well enough but it lacked error checking and robustness. I changed the method used to build the destination directories incorporating the year and month passed in the command line arguments. I added tests to determine the validity of the image file and the existence of the destination folders and call a function to print the command-line syntax in the event any of the tests failed. I also added tests to confirm successful copy and move operations.

Quote I’m contemplating
“When a wise person says education is the key to our future, he or she often means tomorrow’s adults must be educated well enough to advance their interests and the interests of society. When a politician, pundit or preacher says education is the key to our future, they often mean tomorrow’s adults must be dumbed down enough to advance the interests of politicians, pundits, and preachers.” – Paul Sunstone


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