04-14-17 update

What I’m reading
I’m still perusing England: A History by R.J. White. It doesn’t read like a history book. As I’m reading it, I seem to get a bit of a feel for the temperaments and and the sensibilities of the English people during the times discussed. It’s also refreshing to have a perspective that’s not American. I believe that Americans, in general, have a uniquely biased view of history, not only their own, but world history as a whole. This bias carries over into our economic and political thinking. We have this idea that, as a nation, we are invincible, we are always right, our way is the best, and the lessons of history do not apply to us. We are a most delusional nation and our collective inability to see past the delusion will likely be our downfall.

Blogs I’ve been reading
I’ve been a regular reader of Robert G. Longpré’s blog, Naturist Lens for many years. I enjoy his insights that blend naturism with Jungian psychology.

Chasing Away the Light and Hiding in the Shadows
Psychological Fear of Being Naked in the Light
Stealing Moments of Skyclad Sunshine

What’s in my bag
When I go out for more than an hour or so, I often bring with me a messenger bag containing items I might possibly need. In the main pocket I’ll have a notebook for jotting down things that pop into my head. It also contains my Kindle and my copy of The Teaching of Buddha. I’ll often add a bottle of water and something with which to flavor it, especially if the water has minerals added to enhance its flavor.

Another pocket has chargers for my iPhone and my Kindle as well as a supplemental battery. Somewhere in the gag will be a couple of pens and post-it pads. And, like any experience intergalactic hitchhiker, I’ll have my towel handy.

Quotes I’m pondering
“Why do I get so much out of being skyclad? It is a question I constantly ask myself. The best answer that I find is the fact that it is then that I find myself able to “Breathe” freely. Clothing restricts and contains. Somehow, it is my psychological state that feels restricted and contained more so than my physical self. I wonder what it is for others?” – Robert G. Longpré

“It’s as simple as that. We are afraid of stepping out of the shadows – psychologically afraid.” – Robert G. Longpré

“It seems I want more naturism in my life, not less.” – Robert G. Longpré

That last quote echoes what I’ve been feeling lately even as I flip-flop about whether I should join the local naturist group. Are my reasons against as valid as I tell myself? What it all comes down to is that I want a life that’s simpler, less restrictive, and allows me more real freedom.


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.