03-31-17 Update

What I’ve been watching
This past weekend I stumbled upon Hidden Houses of Wales on Netflix. Some of the houses have had fascinating histories. The house I found most intriguing was Plas Penmynydd in Anglesey, originally built by Richard Owen Tudor, grandson of Owen Tudor. Naturally, The connection to the Tudor dynasty is what made it especially interesting for me.

Quotes I’m pondering
“Westerners cannot slap Eastern spirituality on top of a western ego and expect enlightenment.” – Carl Gustav Jung

“A problem for me, since late adolescence, is that the world is not as full of competent adults as I feel I was promised it was as a child.” – Michelle Dean

“Only by self-respect will you compel others to respect you.” – Fyodor Dostoevsky

“Men are not against you; they are only for themselves.” – Gene Fowler

“The less you know, the more you believe.” – a bumper sticker

Yeah, I’m pondering a lot of things these days.

Stuff that’s keeping me busy
Over the weekend I got out my pole-saw and hacked some limbs off a few trees in the back yard. Since Saturday is the first of April, the city yard waste disposal facility should be open and I’ll have a load for them.

I also started shoveling dirt out of the larger garden box and I soon came to the conclusion that it will be a lot of work. Between the boxes I probably have more than five tons of topsoil in them. To move them I would have to move all of that soil twice. I would also have to dig new holes for the posts and put down new landscaping fabric and plastic mesh on the bottoms. It’s going to be too much work. I’ll trim trees to get more sunlight on the garden.

The kids ended up getting a bedbug infestation in the house so they had to treat the whole house and everything in it. I took in two of the grandchildren for the weekend. On Monday, I helped out with the massive amount of laundry that needed to be done. By the time we finished we filled both their van and my truck with the clean laundry. There’s still more to be done and two of the bedrooms still aren’t ready for habitation.

What I’m feeling
As the first quarter of 2017 draws to a close, I’m feeling overwhelmed by the destruction of America by Donald Trump and his cronies with the support of  the leaders of the GOP. The ideologies they represent are in their death throes, desperately clinging to a sinking ship. The patriarchy they are trying to keep alive is passé, outdated, and no longer sustainable. The changes that will replace them have already gotten a foothold and will eventually prevail. The current administration and Congressional leadership are a temporary setback and they will cause severe damage but progress will overtake them. In the meantime, we can’t take anything for granted. Out of destruction comes creation, a new order built upon the ruins of the old. Evolution cannot be stopped.

The felling of being overwhelmed is accompanied by a sense of hopelessness yet a hope that a new age will emerge. The question is how long will we have to endure this madness?


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.