God’s Plan

If you believe the Biblical story of creation as described in Genesis, have you ever considered it to be the justification for a Holy War against Nature? And since we are, despite our denials, a part of Nature then this Holy War extends to all of Humanity and ultimately ourselves. Since the dawn of human civilization Mankind has been engaged in all out war against Nature (ourselves included) and if we carry it out to its logical conclusion we must, inevitably, bring about out own extinction. Unless we surrender, it’s the only possible outcome.

Other species have survival instincts but like good soldiers, we have trained and conditioned ourselves to disregard our basic instincts. Instead we have developed an almost instinctive propensity for self-destruction. Man is the only species to have ever developed a myriad of ways to potentially bring about its own demise. No other species has ever had that capacity. Is self-extinction God’s plan for us?

Here’s something else to consider. If your God created the Earth (or by extension, the Universe) just for us then why is everything He created for us trying to kill us?


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.