Friday Update (03-10-17)

What I’m reading
I finished Co-ed Naked Philosophy by Will Forest. About halfway through the book I began to find that many of the cliché nudist slogans, some of the improbable scenarios, and unbelievable conflict resolutions were getting a bit tiresome. I put my Kindle aside and thought about it a while. I began to think of the novel as kind of a “what-if” scenario and a possibility that I could envision. I suspended the rationality of the current reality and let this alternate reality take hold in my imagination. That renewed my interest and I followed the story to its inevitable happy ending where everything worked out and everyone lived happily ever after. I hope I didn’t spoil it for anyone.

It seemed logical to start Forest’s most recent novel, Aglow which I finished in a day. Admittedly, it took me a few chapters to get into it but once I did, it turned out to be quite interesting. In many ways, I enjoyed Aglow more than Co-ed Naked Philosophy.

On Wednesday I read The Timebound Traveler by David Newman, a kirtan artist and a Bhakti yogi. Although I’m not particularly spiritual, spirituality is an area I like to explore and this book was a wonderful exploration.

Yesterday I got started on In Search of Schrodinger’s Cat: Quantum Physics and Reality by John Gribbin. It’s not light reading but quantum physics is interesting.

Healthy stuff I’m doing
I’ve been faithful to the treadmill and I’ve found that the time passes much more quickly whilst I’m walking. I set up my Kindle on the treadmill’s shelf and start walking and reading. Before I know it, the workout is done. I’m also starting to work some yoga into my workout.

I’m making an effort to track what I eat and log the carbohydrates I consume. In 2008 I was diagnosed as per-diabetic and urged to count carbohydrates as means of managing my blood glucose. After doing this a while I noticed that I was also shedding weight since I was consuming fewer carbohydrates to be turned into fat. Of course, it’s too early to see any effects but fewer carbohydrates and more exercise should work well.

Movie I enjoyed
I watched the Mel Brooks classic, Blazing Saddles, a movie that never gets old. It probably never will grow old as long as bigotry, prejudice, and racism exist.

Weekend plans
There’s another DWB house party on Saturday night and although I’ve RSVP’d the hosts, I’m not sure I’ll attend. Social nudity doesn’t seem to have as high a priority in my life as it once did. Being nude is my preferred state and I enjoy the freedom and comfort as well as the other benefits one derives from being nude but sharing it with others is not a necessity. Oftentimes it’s not even sought. I tend to be introspective so nude solitude seems to be a natural preference.

Sunday will likely be taken up with the Sayaw dance practice. I’m not a dancer but I support my granddaughter’s participation. I love that she’s embracing that part of her heritage.

Quotes I’m pondering
“You can’t manage to avoid your own true nature forever. It’s a wonder anybody manages it at all.” ~ Jed McKenna

“Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be.” ~ Alan Watts

“Waking up is not a spiritual path, but the simple recognition of who we are. “ ~– David Newman, aka Durga Das, The Timebound Traveler

The quotes are all from David Newman’s book, The Timebound Traveler: How My Journey as a Seeker Came to an End. For me, these quotes, as well as the book itself, appealed to me in a couple of different ways. It resonates with the thoughts I’ve expressed recently about how we are at war with our natural selves which includes our physical, mental and spiritual natures.

The book helped me clarify some things about my own spiritual path. In many of my yoga classes and workshops that dealt with yoga philosophy there was always the idea of being a spiritual seeker. Yet in The Bhagavad Gita, Krishna tells us to act without expectations. Doesn’t the very nature of seeking imply the expectation of finding what you seek? And if we don’t find it, don’t we become frustrated which brings about suffering? Maybe we just need to follow our practice, let go of our expectations, and trust that through grace you’ll awaken when the time is right?


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