Roscoe the Gray

The transformation went virtually unnoticed until it was nearly complete. I first noticed its beginning several years ago when I found a single gray pubic hair among a bountiful forest of brown. In the months and years following that discovery, I’d occasionally see another gray hair pop up in the brown forest. But overall, I didn’t pay much attention to the process.

About a week ago, whilst showering, I took notice that the hair on my scrotum was entirely gray. I also noted that, in general, my pubic hair was much less thick than it was a few years ago. How had I failed to see this transition as it was happening?

That my scrotum is sparsely covered by short gray hairs doesn’t bother me. I just wasn’t expecting to see that even though I knew it would be inevitable. I simply accept the graying of my hair, my beard, my pubes, as a part of the aging process, part of the process of living. I remember that I found the first gray hair on my head when I was sixteen. I can’t recall when I went completely gray above the neck. I’m slightly surprised when I see pictures where I have dark hair. I can barely remember those days, they seem like they were in a different lifetime.


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.

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  1. While the hair on my head, beard, and scrotum are pretty much gray the bulk of my body hair, to include my pubes are mostly brown. I’m sure they will change eventually.


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