Black Friday & Christmas Spirit

The crass commercialization of Christmas is certainly a downer but what really puts a damper on my Christmas Spirit is Black Friday which is the antithesis of Christmas. It would be a gross understatement to say that I’m not particularly religious. The truth is that I am not religious at all considering that I do not follow any religion.

Christmas spirit transcends religion. While I celebrate Christmas as a secular holiday, it still represents to me the ideals that Jesus espoused – hope, peace, love for one another, charity, generosity, compassion, and good will. Black Friday, on the other hand, celebrates humanity’s darker side – greed, avarice, selfishness, materialism, and blatant disregard for others, everything Jesus preached against. Maybe that’s why it’s called Black Friday.

With each Christmas season, Black Friday has expanded from just one day to several consecutive days beginning on Thanksgiving Day or even earlier. Greed also leads to the Dark Side although I’m sure that greed is also rooted in fear like nearly everything else that dwells in our shadows.


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4 thoughts on “Black Friday & Christmas Spirit”

  1. I felt a little bit of Christmas spirit at my grandsons’ choir concerts earlier in the week. The music lifted my spirits but feeling was short-lived. I’m sure the feeling will be revived at the high school band concert this evening but, once again, I don’t expect the feeling to stay with me.

    I do enjoy “live” Christmas music and much prefer that to the commercial Christmas music played on the radio. I can certainly enjoy the music without believing in the content. I may not agree with the religious content but Christmas music can transcend the religion. It’s the spirit of Christmas that appeals to me, not the dogma around the mythology.

    It’s quite likely that this holiday season the spirit will move me sporadically and have a short lifespan.


  2. Today I found a great quote that sums up how I celebrate Christmas:

    “Since mythological narratives are designed to convey sacred truths, Christmas (in its ideal pristine form) is also a celebration and reaffirmation of the sacred truths that Jesus taught, stood for, and (quite literally) embodied.”
    Arthur George, Christmas Mythology V: Luke’s Christmas Story

    Christmas Mythology V: Luke’s Christmas Story ~ Arthur George


  3. I can’t say that I was hit by Christmas spirit to any great degree. A while back, I saw the the following in a Tumblr feed called Just Shower Thoughts: “Christmas feels more like a deadline than a holiday.” Yes, it does feel that way.

    What little holiday shopping I did, most of it was done on the 24th, the deadline to get all of your shopping done. Then once you’ve reached the deadline and the big day arrives, it’s a huge let down for most people. I don’t suppose I felt that way as I asked for nothing and didn’t expect anything. I got a couple of small gifts from my sons and my grandchildren and that was sufficient.

    Disappointment is derived from our expectations. I tend to give based on need or usefulness, usually without expecting anything in turn. A few days prior to the holiday, I wrote a check to the kids to keep their bank account in the black until payday. I could have considered it a loan but choose to make it a gift instead. I don’t need a holiday for giving. I like having a holiday that serves to bring out the best in people rather than their worst.


  4. It seems that Black Friday is no longer confined to Christmas and the Thanksgiving Day weekend. Over the past couple of months, I have seen seen several retailers adverting sales events called “Spring Black Friday.” Does the madness ever end?


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