Shifting Paradigms

I’m sensing that a profound shift in our paradigms of how we view gender and sexuality is occurring. It’s been going on for quite a while and it may still be many years before the old paradigms are replaced. Conservatives, especially in political and religious arenas, have been the most resistant to these changes as they cling onto the old binary stereotypes of masculinity, femininity, and sexual orientation.

Despite our glorification of modern technology, the world is not binary and never has been. Our cultures and our institutions have always tried to force everyone and everything into rigid molds in which everything is classified as one thing or another. What doesn’t fit into one mold or the other is either forcefully stuffed into a mold or rejected entirely, cast out and demonized.

It’s been my own experience and observation that the most interesting people and things exist somewhere between the extremes. People are beginning to recognize the diversity and fluidity that exists in the middle, a spectrum where our preconceived ideas about gender roles, gender identity, sexual preferences are becoming more and more irrelevant. What difference does it make that Bruce Jenner, former Olympic athlete, identifies as a woman and is now Caitlyn? So what if a boy who identifies himself as a male, likes girls’ things? What does a person’s gender or sexual preference have to do with his or her ability to do a job to to be a good person? I’m more concerned with what kind of person they are, how they treat others, and how well they do their jobs.

Anyone or anything on either extreme is an outlier, not the norm, and, statistically, should be disregarded as irrelevant.


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.