End of Capitalism?

The End of Capitalism Has Begun was interesting although a bit difficult to read. I really don’t understand the economic theories and all that, but I’ve been observing and predicting the fall of American-style capitalism for several years. Capitalism, particularly the American model, has been in a state of decline for a long time. It is collapsing in much the same manner as Soviet Communism collapsed in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Soviet-style communism collapsed under the weight of the infrastructure required to maintain it. Interestingly enough, American-style capitalism requires essentially the same political and social infrastructure to survive and the cost of that infrastructure is not sustainable.

What will replace it? Some form or socialism? That’s hard to say. My vision is self-sufficient networks of agrarian communities. Large cities are likely to wither away unless they can implement agriculture in some form and produce for themselves most of what they need. No community will be able to produce all that it needs so there will need to be fair trade among these communities. Societies will have to get back to basics and forgo many of the luxuries we take for granted now. Cooperation rather than competition will have to be the driving force in the new economy.


Author: Rick

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