Something about Miley


Here’s a rhetorical question: Why does everyone get all bat-shit crazy whenever Miley Cyrus gets naked? Maybe people can’t let got of the Hannah Montana image of her. She seems to have put it behind her. Maybe if we ignore her antics, she’ll eventually go away. She’s had her fifteen minutes of fame and then some. So let’s all be like, “Oh, Miley’s naked again. Isn’t that nice?” It shouldn’t be a big deal for anybody to get naked and I think more people should do it more often and in more places.


Author: Rick

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3 thoughts on “Something about Miley”

  1. This morning I saw a photo spread on the transformation of Miley Cyrus from sweet, innocent Disney princess to whatever she defines herself as now. The comments accompanying the photos were incredibly judgmental as if Miley was still under some kind of contractual obligation to maintain her Hannah Montana image and remain pure and innocent. She’s largely irrelevant now, just one distraction out of many. Who the fuck cares if she twerks, shows us her titties, and rides a wrecking ball naked? Maybe she’s just acting out the rebellion she was denied under her contract with Disney. If she wasn’t a celebrity, she’d probably fit right in as a white-trash trailer park queen somewhere.


  2. Is Miley the top-free movement’s poster child because she’s the one celebrity who is flashing her tits most frequently? As tits go, I’d say they’re about average, hardly the subject of a serious masturbatory fantasy. It’s no big whoop.


  3. Recently I read an article debating whether or not Miley Cyrus was a feminist. I don’t know if she is or not and I don’t really care. But in the course of the discussion, the term “gender fluid identity” popped up frequently. What the fuck does that even mean? In its non-grammatical usage, the dictionary defines gender as simply sex as in male or female. Does gender fluid mean that a person can readily morph from male to female and back? Does Miley have tits and a pussy at one moment and then suddenly have a penis and a pair of testicles the next? Or maybe I’m just out of touch with the latest group-think buzzword.


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