Decision Time

Thought of the day: “Our species has a clear choice. We can either evolve toward enlightenment or de-evolve and face certain extinction by our own hands.”

I don’t feel there’s much in the way of some middle ground on that, no middle path, no maintaining the status quo. You’re either moving forward and evolving or you’re falling behind and bringing about your own extinction. That’s what evolution is about, adapt or become extinct. Extinction is the rule, not the exception. As a species, we can read the writing on the wall yet we refuse to believe it. I’m certain the cause of the eventual extinction of Homo sapiens will be man-made. We’ll finally see it at the very last moment but then it will be too late. Once we are gone, Nature will correct our mistakes and erase all evidence that we ever existed.

There will be no Rapture, no Second Coming. The Heavenly Kingdom we seek is all around us. We are already in Heaven. We are surrounded by Paradise yet we don’t see it because we have made ourselves blind to Truth.


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.