Druid Sacrifice

Yesterday evening, after finding nothing worthy of my attention on television, I turned to Netflix. There I found a documentary, probably part of a series, called The Truth Behind: The Druids. Apparently, some archaeologists unearthed some Druid ritual and burial sites and they found evidence that the Druids may have engaged in human sacrifice as part of their rituals. This was presented as a “shocking” find.

I didn’t quite grasp what was shocking about this. Numerous ancient cultures included human sacrifices in their rituals. The Aztecs and Mayans performed human sacrifices over 500 years after the Romans landed on British soil and we accept that as historical fact. Are we shocked by Druids ritually cleaving heads because we have this image of the Druids as the peaceful, nature-loving people who built Stonehenge? Or maybe because they were a white Celtic people who could have been among our British ancestors? The Aztec and Mayan priests were a bunch of brown-skinned savages living in jungles on the other side of the ocean. They weren’t like us.


Author: Rick

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