A few minutes late

Getting myself out the door on a Monday morning is tough but this morning took a bit more effort than usual.

I got around the usual time, had my coffee and a light breakfast while I checked email, Facebook, and Twitter. I checked my blood glucose (before consuming anything) and later, checked my blood pressure. By the way, they both were okay.

A bit later, I took a shower and, after the shower, I felt so comfortable that I really didn’t feel like getting dressed. I would have just as soon stayed naked all day. However, economic and social obligations persuaded me that I ought to put on some clothing to protect me from the cold and to societal expectations of appropriate costuming so that I could go out and earn some money to put food on the table. But I’ll have you know that I took my time about it and did so reluctantly.

Every moment we can live in our natural state is precious.


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.