Another Holiday Season

Another holiday season has come and gone, faded into history. It’s behind me as I move into a new year for whatever significance that may have.

It may have well been the first holiday season in which I did no shopping for gifts, save for the family gift card exchange. I made that as quick and painless as possible. Other than that, I really didn’t feel any obligation to purchase gifts. I don’t place value on myself or those who are close to me based on the monetary value of gifts given or received. I don’t see any need to endure the stress and anxiety of holiday shopping. In case you’re wondering, I feel no guilt whatsoever.

Once again, I did not put Christ in my Christmas. Like it or not, my Christian friends, Christmas is in the public domain and I am within my rights to celebrate it as a secular holiday. Contrary to what many might perceive, I maintained my status as a non-combatant and a conscientious objector in the fictitious War on Christmas. Incidentally, Merry Christmas is the politically correct term, not Happy Holidays. The latter term acknowledges other holidays and beliefs, not just the holiday and belief of the Christian majority.

I have not made any New Year’s resolutions nor have I set any intentions or goals for 2015. It’s not like I would follow through on them anyway so I might as well avoid the inevitable guilt and mental anguish by not doing it in the first place. My intention is to carry on, one moment, one day, at a time and try to do what needs to be done and follow my path wherever it leads. Sure there are things I’d like to accomplish and things I’d like to change in the next twelve months but I don’t see the necessity of ritualizing it. I’m letting go of the attachments and the expectations.

That is all. May you find peace, know love, and achieve bliss. Namaste.


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.