Is Religion Inherently Oppressive?

Is religion inherently oppressive, particularly when it comes to women? Since virtually all modern religions are patriarchal and even their deity is portrayed as a male, I’d have to say yes. Empowering women would be a threat to their power and influence over their faithful. History clearly demonstrates that religion has always been much more about power than about saving souls and improving the lot of mankind. Saving souls has always been the justification for their power.

The article talks about how both Christian liberals and conservatives cherry-pick verses from the Bible to justify their viewpoint. These contradictions and inconsistencies in the “infallible” word of God convinced me that I could no longer assume the Christian identity or that of any other religion.

Western religions tend to fully embrace and embody the masculine but, with the exception of the Virgin Mary, they vilify and demonize the feminine. There are good and bad qualities in both the masculine and feminine and there needs to be a balance. Eastern religions religions recognize this though they still tend to be largely patriarchal. Even their female deities tend to be subservient to their male counterpoints or hold an inferior status.


Author: Rick

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