Ellen Page – Time to Thrive


It was a powerful speech, not just about gay issues but how the entertainment media feeds us all these “standards” about how we’re supposed to act, how we’re supposed to look, what we’re supposed to believe.

I don’t place much value on entertainment in general and the entertainment industry in particular. Their definitions don’t define my beliefs or my attitudes. Sure they have some influence but I try to be aware of that influence then I evaluate it and determine if it fits my truth and if it rings true to my soul.

Entertainment is primarily a distraction for the masses, drawing their attention away from the real problems in the world and keeping them from achieving their full potential as human beings. Like the news and advertising media, they play upon our fears and insecurities. I don’t see the media in this country (and I suspect it may be true of most countries) as all that much different from the spectacles in the Roman Colosseum. Instead of being government sponsored, they are for profit. But they serve the same purpose — distraction of the masses. Keep the people entertained and fearful.

It doesn’t matter to me if Ellen Page, or anyone else, is gay. Their sexual orientation has nothing to do with their worthiness as a human being. Who they sleep with or who they marry has little effect on my life. What does it matter? There are over 7 billion souls living on this planet in human form. Everyone of them is a unique individual yet everyone of them share common traits, feelings, and emotions. Each of these individuals were born, they go through the aging process, they live their lives the best they can, and everyone of them will, at some point, die. We are all connected to one another; we should ever forget that.

My favorite line is, “I am tired of hiding and I am tired of lying by omission.” I believe that applies universally. How much of ourselves do we hide from others and how often do we lie about ourselves by simply not talking about our feelings, our beliefs, or our preferences? I’ve been unable to find a reference but the Star Trek character Spock is to have said, “A truth unspoken is not a lie.” Maybe sometimes it is.


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One thought on “Ellen Page – Time to Thrive”

  1. I loved her response on Twitter to the anti-gay pastor regarding her sexuality.

    “2 da Pastor who wrote me-Being gay isn’t a belief. My soul isnt struggling & I don’t want arms of Heavenly Father around me. A girls arms? Yes.”
    1:49 PM – 22 Mar 2014

    Why can’t people mind their own business? Why should someone else’s sexual preference bother you? Does somebody coming out as gay bring up doubts about your own sexuality? If it does, the other person’s sexuality isn’t your problem, the problem is your own sexuality and how you react to it.


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