Coinage of the Realm


I saw a post on Facebook today about a new dollar coin that’s come out. Apparently, people are upset and refusing to accept them because of the absence of the words “In God we trust” on either side of the coin. So fucking what? It’s still legal tender, coinage of the realm, That’s all I care about.

I really don’t care about the presence or absence of references to a particular deity on our money, in the Pledge of Allegiance, or anywhere else. It doesn’t matter. If you really believe in God then you really shouldn’t need to have your faith constantly affirmed by secular objects and rituals. Besides, it’s a dollar coin and it has been a common practice for Americans to reject dollar coins for at least the last 35 years or more which makes it even less of a relevant issue.

The problem isn’t the absence of God on our money or in our schools or anywhere else in the secular world. If you claim to be a believer maybe the problem is the absence of God in your heart. If your God is in your heart then, through your belief and devotion, God is everywhere and in everything. You don’t need secular affirmation of your faith because it’s already within you.

[Edit] The words “In God We Trust” first appeared on our coins in 1864 and on our paper currency in 1957.


Author: Rick

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