7 Truths for Lasting Weight Loss

Summarized from: 7 Truths for Lasting Weight Loss

  1. Weight loss comes from a place of self-love. It is not a war on the body.
  2. Address the energetic aspects of weight loss. What emotional needs are being fulfilled by the extra weight?
  3. Manage and reduce stress. Be gentle on your body.
  4. Any changes you make are made for life. Being healthy and being overweight are both lifestyle choices.
  5. Eat fat to reduce fat; healing is done with whole foods. Increase your intake of healthy fats while reducing your intake of carbohydrates.
  6. Don’t neglect digestive health. Warm, protein-rich breakfast and cooked, easily digested foods.
  7. Weight loss is a side effect, not a primary goal. Simple changes to create a healthier overall lifestyle.



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