Monthly Detritus Report (12-12)

Random chatter from the Monkey Mind as it leaps from limb to limb, howls, scratches its balls and flings feces at passersby…

  • 01
    • Christmas tree up, decorated by Abi and Nick.
    • “There is nothing wrong with leaving the past behind.” The Moment of Letting Go.
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  • 04
    • Keep the Han in Hanukkah.
    • Hey, I resemble that remark! … “Marriage is just a fancy word for adopting an overgrown man child who can’t take care of himself.”
    • The tractors I drove on the farm were nothing like this. Need to watch this video! One word, “Awesome!”
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  • 13
    • Re: shoulder. Getting referred to orthopedics. I didn’t catch all the medical jargon but there seem to be 2 issues. Something about a tendon and something has a tear. I did not not hear rotator cuff. Might have been bursa. Hoping I won’t need any surgery.
  • 14
    • Happy 94th birthday, B.K.S. Iyengar
  • 15
    • It’s hell getting old. Sudden muscle spasm in the right hip last night. Feels better this morning but hurts to put on pants.
    • As mysteriously as the bathroom lights went out yesterday morning, they came back on this morning. The TV in the bedroom mysteriously died last night. I turn it on and the little light just blinks at me. I’ll never buy another TV from Wally World. Anyone need a 32″ wide screen paperweight?
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  • 18
    • Ortho appointment went well. No surgery! At home physical therapy. Planning to resume yoga practice.
    • I always suspected my cat might be a Sith Lord.
    • “I just try to make my 15-year-old self happy.” Yes, that might explain the chronic masturbation.
  • 19
    • First asana practice in quite a while but it went well. The shoulder still has some healing yet. — at Day Yoga Studio. The shoulder problem is most apparent when I’m flat on my back (supine twists, Savasana, and some core stuff). A rolled up blanket under my head helps in Savasana. Most of my practice is still possible with just a few modifications.
    • “Oh Gravity, thou art a heartless bitch.” ~ Dr. Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory (Yes, she is.)
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  • 21
    • First snow of the season so driving to work was quite an adventure. It was ugly. I didn’t have much of a problem with the roads but those sharing the road with me seemed to be in panic mode. Almost got nailed by a Buick coming at me sideways. Fortunately, he came to a stop about a foot from my front bumper. I backed down the hill and let him get straightened out. Had to go around a few fender benders. I didn’t have to deal with this in Hawaii.
  • 22
    • Being subjected to musical theater against my will. Help!
  • 24
    • Watching “Scrooge” (the 1951 version)
  • 25
    • Watching “A Christmas Story”
    • Had a wonderful Christmas dinner with the whole local family and managed to smuggle a slice of apple pie back.
  • 26
    • My drive in was slow going but not nearly as adventurous as last Friday’s commute. At least there was no one sliding toward me sideways.
    • Drive home wasn’t too bad. It seems that they forgot to lower the plows to the road. Rob cleared the driveway and reports that the snowblower just compacts it in the chute. I’ll check it out this weekend.
    • 10 signs that you aren’t cut out for IT [Now they tell me.]
  • 27
    • RT @dspeers: “‘@RetweetDares: If you sleep naked, retweet this’ //thought that was pretty normal, how is that a dare?” [I recently read that only about 8% of Americans sleep naked. So 92% of Americans don’t dress appropriately for sleep? Then again, most Americans don’t dress appropriately for swimming or sunbathing.]
  • 28
    • RT @yisforyogini: “Free your mind and your ass will follow.” — George Clinton
    • Okay, we’ve had our snow. It can go away now. It’s not pretty any more.
    • Nudity is our ideal state, our pure state, our natural state, our default state. Clothing is always a deviation and a compromise.
  • 29
    • Another inch or so of snow this morning. It’s powder so it’s easy to shovel but it’s slick and not so good for driving. Oh, and why can’t the city plow crews get those snow plows a little closer to the pavement? Just saying.
    • Watching “How I Won the War”. Not bad for a British satire. Well, I think it was satire. John Lennon’s character was interesting.
  • 30
    • That’s a good start: “The key to eating healthy? Avoid any food that has a TV commercial.”
    • Happy Penultimate Day!
    • The secret to humor is… The elephant of surprise!
  • 31
    • “I’m too tired for savasana.” – said no one ever.

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