Survived the Apocalypse…Again

Once again, the predicted end of the world did not happen but I can’t blame the Mayans. Their calendar didn’t actually end, it just rolled over like an odometer. They were predicting the end of an age which, by default, heralds the beginning of a new age. Though there won’t be any immediate changes, I can only hope the age we’re entering will be an improvement over the one we’re leaving behind. And I do hope we are leaving it behind. Hey, anyone remember the Age of Aquarius? Or was everyone too stoned?

I’ve heard that chaos usually precedes transformation. Maybe there’s truth in that. Maybe the world has to pass through a period of chaos before it can transform and move on to something better. Perhaps people are finally getting fed up with current state and are ready to begin the transformation. It has to start with individuals deciding for themselves that they need to to change. As individuals change, that changes begins to perpetuate and eventually, the world begins to change. It’s a slow process, probably much to slow for the average American who can’t remember yesterday or see beyond tomorrow. We American have become accustomed to instant gratification but instant gratification only lasts for a few moments and then it’s on to the next crisis.

We have no real grasp of history and, as a result, don’t learn from it. We fail to see what has happened to other great nations, the superpowers of bygone eras. Or, if we do see it, we tell ourselves that we’re different from them, that the rules and the cycles of history don’t apply to us because we’re Americans, Gods’ new chosen people. Thinking that what happened to Rome can happen to us is shortsighted and will prove to be our undoing. We can’t sustain ourselves on bullshit. Look at the great civilizations and world powers of the ancient world. Without exception, these places are all shit holes now. We’re delirious if we think it won’t happen to us.

But I digress. I’ve been undergoing a lot of chaos lately and I sincerely hope that I am finally on the threshold of a great transformation. I want it, I need it. I know it will not be with out pain as it will pull my out of my comfort zones but ultimately it will be worth it.


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.