Christmas Spirit or Lack Thereof

Please excuse me if I don’t get into the holiday spirit much this year. I’m going through some things right now and the holidays are rather low on my list of priorities.

The holiday season hasn’t been a depressing or stressful affair for several years now, especially since I made it nearly impossible to go into debt for the holiday and I abandoned the idea of having a religion that asked or even required me to, on the word of a long deceased infallible pope, disregard all the scriptural, historical, and other evidence that the event being celebrated did not occur anytime near the stated date. Actually, I like a lot of the spiritual aspects of the season; I just don’t get bogged down with dogmatically connecting them with a religion.

I’ll admit to having a touch of the blues and maybe a little stress. I’m trying to determine the cause of the stress but I can’t put my finger on one or two things. Maybe it’s a bunch of small, inconsequential things having an accumulative effect. Maybe it’s the Mayan thing though I fully expect to wake up on December 22nd as usual. I think I need more asana, pranayama and meditation to get me past this funk.

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One thought on “Christmas Spirit or Lack Thereof”

  1. This year I do seem to have a lot of little things that are dragging me down. There’s my shoulder injury which may finally be getting proper treatment soon. I’m not sure how serious it is but I’m hopeful that will not require surgery. Related to the shoulder problem is that it’s been keeping me away from my yoga practice more than it should be. (That’s my ego getting in the way, making excuses.) Money is another big concern right now and that always raises stress levels.

    Happy Holidays! I know a lot of people get bent out of shape about that but I can’t assume any of my readers’ religious affiliation or which holiday represents them. By the same reason, my readers shouldn’t assume that I celebrate their holiday. Whatever holiday you choose to celebrate, I respect your choice. If you choose not to celebrate, I respect that too. In the immortal words of Bill and Ted, “Be excellent to one another and party on!”


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