With or without a condom?

Normally, I’m apolitical and non-partisan but my observations of the Republican Party over the last dozen years have shown me that they represent few, if any, values I support. Their rhetoric, indeed their entire platform, seems to be grounded in the errant faith- and fear-based ideology of ignorance. Even though much of  it sounds like it’s based in Christian faith, I find little or no basis for it in Scripture.

In my estimation the Republinazi Republican Party is promoting willful, premeditated ignorance, the perpetuation of the fear induced by the events of 9/11, the complete reversal of the emancipation of women, across the board denial of basic human rights, open warfare against the lower social and economic strata, the general suppression of freedom and human dignity, and the gross intolerance of lifestyles that deviate from their norms. I cannot, in good conscience, support any political candidates who align, support, or otherwise associate themselves with a political organization whose agenda seeks to marginalize, suppress and repress over half of the citizens of this country.

My position does not imply that I am a Democrat or that I necessarily support the Democratic Party or its candidates. I find fault with their political and national agendas and their policies as well but I generally don’t find them nearly as reprehensible as the Republicans.

One of my beefs with the last three presidential campaigns is that there has not been much real discussion of the problems and issues that should be addressed at a Presidential level. The President (or any other politician) really has little influence over the economy except perhaps to make it worse with bad policies. The economy runs in its own cycles, at its own pace. We can’t blame the President.

Issues such as gay marriage and abortion, while they need to be discussed, do not need Presidential or Congressional action. As for the deficit, both parties, when in power, spend too much and expand the government, so blaming the current President is a moot point. Bureaucracies exist to grow and perpetuate themselves despite their original intended purpose.

No matter how I vote in the election, I’m sure I’m going to get screwed. It comes down to choosing someone who is more likely to use a condom over someone who most likely will not and then call the rape a gift from God.


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.