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PETITION: Say NO to the removal of GOD and the American Flag at public & National Ceremonies!

We as a Nation want our Flag and God put back in our schools, included at National Public Ceremonies. As a Nation we will stand up and join together and fight back to anyone who tries to remove it! If you live in the USA from another country respect our land, our Flag and our God. Please use the freedom of this great Nation and Respect our land, by bowing your head if you do not agree with our ways.

I’ve recently seen the above posted on Facebook. Aside from the spelling, the grammar and the confusing syntax, I have a few other problems with their statement.

  1. Why does the author assume that I worship his god or that he represents my religious and political views?
  2. If you believe in the Christian manifestation of God then don’t you already bring God with you wherever you go? Or does God travel separately?
  3. If you accept the belief that God is everywhere than how can God not be somewhere?
  4. I really don’t care if the word “god” is or is not included in the Pledge of Allegiance, an oath, a prayer, a curse or whatever. It’s just a word which only conveys a deeper meaning if you give it one. I choose not to give it any additional connotation. (As a side note, the words “under God” were not part of the original pledge, they were added later by people with a religious agenda.)
  5. The United states is NOT a Christian nation. It never has been and I hope it never will be. The Constitution guarantees that it will not be, provided the government abides by that document.
  6. The First Amendment guarantees the right of every American to pray in school (or anywhere else they please); a public school can not sanction it, show a preference, tell them to pray, tell them what to pray, or in any other way restrict their right to express their religion. There’s nothing complicated about the First Amendment.
  7. Displaying the flag at events and ceremonies is certainly appropriate in nearly all cases but if the organizers and/or participants choose not to do so, that’s their right and privilege. There is no law mandating that a U.S. flag be displayed at such events. This is supposed to be a free country.
  8. I am generally not offended by sincerely held beliefs although I do have difficulty tolerating willful and premeditated ignorance by those holding those beliefs.

Needless to say, I did not sign the referenced petition. What the petition (as difficult as it is to understand) proposes is not an issue worthy of my concern. There are certainly more pressing problems facing this nation than whether or not the flag is displayed or if references to a deity are included in a pledge or in campaign rhetoric.


Author: Rick

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