Go Topless Day

Today is International Go Topless Day. I don’t personally know anyone who is rallying for top freedom equality. If I did, I’d totally support them though I wouldn’t wear a bra even if I seemed to need one.

I think it’s a matter of equality that women should be allowed to go shirtless anywhere a man can. Despite all the gains made by the feminist and women’s movements, women are still in many ways second class citizens and treated like property. There is still a predominantly patriarchal mindset in the world which regards a woman’s breasts and reproductive system as a man’s property to do with and control as he pleases. Breasts are seen as sexual toys for a man’s pleasure and only begrudgingly allowed to be used for their naturally intended purpose of nursing children. Vaginas are also thought of as being there for the pleasure of men and to take their seed to propagate the species. This thinking is archaic and needs to change. We men need to evolve.

As an aside I think GoTopless.org and their movement for top-free equality might be taken more seriously by the public and the media if they could separate the movement from the UFO-religion thing. I don’t care that the founder/head of the organization believes in it but the movement should be a separate thing. That’s just my humble opinion.


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.