Through the Past Darkly

I think I started this blog in 2005. I know it’s been through a couple incarnations. Now and then (actually quite often) I like to peruse random posts here. It’s interesting that many of my views on politics, religion, and the general state of the world haven’t changed much. Well, the rants are pretty much unchanged. Sometimes I get the feeling that no one is listening to me.

In the same time period I have gone through a lot of crap (much of it of my own creation) and been through a lot of changes (hopefully for the better). I know that nothing is permanent and that change is inevitable but it seems that a lot of things in the world have not really changed all that much. I see the same sort of shit going on now that I saw in the sixties. The technology has changed but all we’ve done about the other shit is change the names, places, and labels.

Listen to some protest songs from the sixties. Fifty some years later these songs have lost none of their relevance. They may actually be more relevant. Just change a few names and locations. It’s the same shit, just with different spellings.


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One thought on “Through the Past Darkly”

  1. Yes, history is cyclical and repeats itself but I really didn’t expect it to repeat the cycle again in my lifetime. All the shit from the sixties is happening again (or maybe it never stopped) fifty years later just with different names and places. The hippies traded their souls for suits then perpetuated the problems they wanted to solve. Is there even a new generation of hippies? Or has every generation sold their souls to the gods of instant gratification and profit?

    The shit that was going on when I left my childhood behind is still there and seems, in many ways, to be much worse. Corporate greed, political corruption, racism, bigotry, hatred, sexism, and war. The biggest difference is that far fewer people are questioning these things.

    Sometimes I wonder what kind of world my grandchildren will soon inherit and I fear for them.


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