Was Jesus a Buddhist?

This BBC documentary raises some interesting questions about the life and death of Jesus. First it looks at speculation that perhaps Jesus didn’t really die on the cross. It considered evidence that the Knights Templar may have found an ossuary containing his bones and brought it to France.

Working with the idea that Jesus did somehow survive the crucifixion, the program looked at some possible scenarios. They looked at the possibility that he and Mary Magdalene may have made their way to the South of France (he under an assumed identity) but considered it highly unlikely since his best move would have been to leave the jurisdiction of the Romans rather head into its interior.

It would have made sense for him to cut off all ties with his followers and head eastward. Apparently, there is a tradition that the people of Kashmir are descended from one of the lost tribes of Israel. Some speculate that Jesus traveled there as a very young man and lived as a Buddhist monk for many years then returned to Judea to preach his ministry. It is thought that after surviving the crucifixion, he may have returned there and lived another 50 years.

It certainly seems plausible. Given that his teachings (Biblical and Gnostic Gospels) have much more in common with Buddhism and the Vedas than the the prevailing Hebrew beliefs and teachings, I’ve considered it quite probable that Jesus was quite knowledgeable about these teachings.

It makes sense that he would have learned more from spending years with Indian gurus or Buddhist monks than picking it up from traders passing through. Even it it was “revealed” knowledge, there is usually years of study and preparation before it is revealed.

I realize that ideas such as these don’t set well with many Christians who might consider them heretical or blasphemous. I’m not challenging their beliefs nor am I asking them to believe anything. I’m just looking at other possibilities.

Did Jesus die on cross or did he survive due to Divine grace or some other means? We don’t know for certain. For some it’s a matter of faith and belief. For others it’s speculation or perhaps an alternative perspective.

From my reading of the four Gospels, I get the impression that he knew what was going to go down and that he may have manipulated events for certain prophecies to come about. It seems reasonable that if he had spent 15 years in the East, there was a good possibility he might have become a yogi and learned techniques that would have enabled him to slow his respiration and pulse to a point it would have been imperceptible to those around him. In essence, he may have faked his own death. It’s an interesting hypothesis.


Author: Rick

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