Monthly Detritus Report (02-12)

Random chatter from the Monkey Mind as it leaps from limb to limb, howls, scratches its balls and flings feces at passersby…

  • 01
    • Work Naked Day. It would be wonderful to have a job where I could work naked.
  • 02
    • Feel accomplished. Got Android Market installed on my tablet and an ebook reader. So far so good.
  • 04
    • Configured a DNS server today. Now to add static addresses and make it resolve dynamic addresses.
  • 07
    • What is a “tiddly bit”?
  • 08
    • Helpdesk ticket: PC will not power off; they have even unplugged it from the wall. Demonic possession?
  • 09
    • Just watched “Act Naturally”. Really enjoyed it.
    • watched “Act Naturally” this evening and really enjoyed it. I’d feel right at home in a place like that.
  • 14
    • Today’s Song in my Head: I Still Miss Someone by Johnny Cash.
    • Happy Avian Mating Day!
  • 15
    • Today’s song in my head — “Gobinda Hare” by Kristin Luna Ray from new CD “One Shared Heart”
  • 17
    • It was with great reluctance that I covered my nakedness in preparation for work. I need a clothes-free work environment.
    • Ordered a Portabello Mushroom & Swiss Burger at Frisch’s without realizing that the “burger” was “optional” equipment. Doesn’t the word “burger” imply some kind of ground meat?
  • 19
    • Get to play with my pneumatic nailer today.
  • 24
    • Another Friday, another heresy…
  • 26
    • “Watched” Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Unearthly last night but fell asleep before I got far into it. That seems to happen a lot with MST3K.

Author: Rick

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