Religious Freedom

I read a news article the other day about something or another involving religious expression at a school. I don’t remember the details but one of the comments said something to the effect that religious freedom did not extend to the public square.

I disagree. Freedom of religion DOES extend to the public square when one is speaking or acting as a private citizen. It does not extend to the public square when one is acting as a representative of the government or is campaigning for a position in which one would represent the government.

There is nothing in the First Amendment that prohibits a student expressing his or her freedom of religion while at school. The First Amendment only prohibits a public school (as an agent of the government) from infringing upon a student’s religious freedom.

So kids, feel free to pray before that big test, say grace before you eat your government-approved school lunch or read The Bible, The Koran, The Baghavad Gita or any other sacred text you so desire during your study hall. Our founding fathers said you could and they put it in writing. It’s the Law of the Land.


Author: Rick

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