Monthly Detritus Report (01-12)

Random chatter from the Monkey Mind as it leaps from limb to limb, howls, scratches its balls and flings feces at passersby…

  • 01
    • Made it to the meditation and slow flow yoga at Sri Yoga. Wasn’t sure if I would.
  • 07
    • I know I need to buy groceries but I don’t know what groceries I need to buy. Guess I’ll wing it.
  • 08
    • Re: Expedia ad – What’s wrong with flying naked?
    • A young maiden’s bare buttocks is an excellent place to rest one’s head. (Observed on The Tudors)
  • 09
    • Morality in Media Urges Supreme Court to Uphold Broadcast Indecency Standards — We have standards of indecency? Apparently broadcasters aren’t meeting those standards as I am quite unimpressed with the indecency I’ve seen on television.
  • 12
    • Now air pumps apparently take Visa and MasterCard. How many rewards points or air miles for filling up your tires?
  • 15
    • Finally, on the fourth attempt, I watched the MST3K movie without falling asleep. I did the right thing the first three times.
  • 20
  • 21
    • 10 more days! I’d better clean the house.
  • 23
    • Enjoyed my afternoon yesterday with my favorite granddaughter.
    • 8 more days! I’d better get cleaning
  • 24
    • One more week!

Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.