Holiday Rant

With the holiday season (Christmas is not the only holiday in December) fast approaching I’m already starting to see the whining all over Facebook about taking Christ out of (or putting Christ in) Christmas. Like it or not, Christmas has become a secular holiday and many will celebrate the holiday without the religious connotations. For those who wish to put Christ in Christmas, you are more than welcome to do that for yourself. No one has said that you can’t celebrate it as a religious holiday. Please keep in mind that not everyone who celebrates Christmas is necessarily a Christian and that there are other faiths and belief systems that celebrate various holidays in December.

December 25th was proclaimed to be Christ’s Mass day by an infallible pope in order to co-opt the Roman Saturnalia festival and convert the Roman pagans. According to the Gospel of Luke, Jesus was most likely born in the spring since that is the time when the shepherds would be in the fields with their flocks. A particular alignment of planets was observed about April 17, 6 BCE which may have produced the effect explaining the appearance of the star that the Magi followed. Remember that the Gregorian calendar is known to be six years off (another infallible pope).

Go ahead and put Christ in your Christmas. That’s your prerogative. Just don’t force me to put Christ in my Christmas should I choose to have a secular Christmas.


Author: Rick

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