The Question is Irrelevant

I was enjoying some naked time yesterday, just lounging about the house in my birthday suit because it’s comfortable, especially in the summer heat. Anyway, nudus interruptus occurred, courtesy of a couple of JW’s. Maybe I should have answered the door naked but the previous time the doorbell rang while in that state, it had been a cop at the door which would have been a different outcome entirely.

They wanted to know if I believed human beings evolved or that God created us in His image? They gave me a pamphlet and made a note to visit me next Saturday to discuss it. Do they really want to do that? It’s like asking if I prefer fruits or vegetables. In my mind, the two ideas are not at all incompatible and the question is actually completely irrelevant. The first is a theory based on scientific observation, hypotheses and inquiry. The other is simply a matter of unquestioning faith. Evolution is based scientific facts and observation. The theory isn’t yet complete or is our understanding of it. That’s why it’s the “theory of evolution”.

There are no “facts” or “observations” to support creationism, only scripture. People believe it because it’s in their holy book and someone they perceive to be holier than them told them so. That’s their fact — it’s written in a book which is believed to be the unerring word of God. That raises the question, “Why is the unerring word of God so contradictory and inconsistent?”

They also asked me if it mattered what one believes? Not really. There are many different paths to Truth, Liberation, Salvation or whatever you want to call it and each is as valid as the others. I think that one’s thoughts, speech and actions are more important than your beliefs. We all have to work out our salvation (enlightenment, liberation, etc.) for ourselves, no one can do it for us. We must walk our own path.

Should those ladies turn up at my door next Saturday, will I share my opinions and ideas with them? It’s hard to say. It could be interesting. I have no intention of trying to convince them that my beliefs are correct and theirs are wrong. It’s their truth, who am I to convince them otherwise? Regardless of what I say, I’m sure they will walk away convinced that my soul will burn in Hell for all eternity. I’m okay with that.

Maybe Heaven and Hell are the same place and the only difference is the path one follows to get there.


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.

2 thoughts on “The Question is Irrelevant”

  1. They didn’t pay a return visit. Part of me was relieved because I like to avoid confrontation, especially when discussing religion because you can’t come out ahead in such a discussion. Another part of me wanted to offer my ideas about it. I knew I’d have as much chance of changing their views as they did of changing mine.

    If those ladies are, by some chance, reading this blog, here are my answers:

    Did God create Man or did Man evolve? Actually, I don’t see why these two concepts can’t coexist. I also find the question irrelevant because it really doesn’t matter how our species got here. What does matter is that we are here and we should be working to ensure our continued existence on this planet. We may very well be the first species on Earth to actively and consciously bring about its own extinction.

    Does it matter what we believe? No, in the end it doesn’t matter what we believe. Our thoughts, our words, our actions carry much more weight than our beliefs though our beliefs do influence what we think, say and do. We can believe anything we want but ultimately it’s our actions that make a difference. If we can transform our beliefs into positive action, all the better.

    I think I can be reasonably certain they would have countered with quotations from Scripture which, for them, may be the proof they require. I’m reasonably certain that I probably would not have countered their arguments as I’ve never put any effort into memorizing Bible passages. My goal is not to convince anyone that my ideas are right. I have no way of knowing if they are "right." I only know that at this moment, they are right for me. Maybe the ladies would have gone away convinced that I will burn in Hell for all eternity. For all I know, they could be right but I fail to see how such a belief serves any beneficial purpose. Maybe self-righteousness is its own reward.


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