Monthly Detritus Report (07-11)

Random chatter from the Monkey Mind as it leaps from limb to limb, howls, scratches its balls and flings feces at passersby…

  • 04 – One ceiling fan installed. Now to figure out what circuit the other is on. I thought I had all of the circuits mapped out and labeled.
  • 07 – Droids arrived today. Enjoying the frustration of activating, setting up and learning to use it. I hate technology.
  • 07 – New Droid user. I think I just over-complicated my life tenfold. What the hell was I thinking?
  • 08 – Massive information overload. There has to be a way to filter it. I want to use the tool, not let the tool use me. It must adapt.
  • 09 – Feeling better about the Droid now. I’ll probably love it in a month.
  • 09 – No shower today because neither shower is operational. Hope those at the wedding won’t mind.
  • 09 – Nice short wedding. Former tenant’s sister.
  • 13 – Avoidance. That’s what I’ve been avoiding.
  • 14 – Happy Bastille Day!
  • 15 – Yesterday was National Nude Day and I missed it? Well, I was nude under my clothes and I thought about being nude.
  • 16 – Good kirtan at Yoga Springs.
  • 18 – Grandkids tonight. I’ve missed them. What are their names again?
  • 19 – Vehicularly cursed. Truck died again. Bad carma?
  • 20 – @yisforyogini: You’re right. Yogging does sound too much like jogging and I hate jogging.
  • 20 – RT @nakedjen: RT @diablocody: I know this is a really specific pet peeve, but I hate when people spell it “masterbate.” They doing it right?
  • 22 – Looking forward to yoga weekend. I need it. Sneaking it by the ego
  • 23 – A day of yoga and then a birthday party! Yay
  • 23 – More yoga this afternoon then a birthday party … cake & ice cream.
  • 26 – Back up to almost 13 stone again. Need to get back to 12 then 11
  • 27 – Going home,had enough fun at work for one day.
  • 29 – Raining. Probably won’t cool things off for long. Will it raise the humidity? How much higher than 100% can it get?
  • 29 – facebook & twitter not updating on my droid x. Can’t find an answer I can understand. Getting frustrated with it.
  • 30 – Why is so much TV programming devoted to our inner redneck?

Tweet of the Month:

RT @diablocody: I know this is a really specific pet peeve, but I hate when people spell it “masterbate.” [I have to wonder if these people are doing it right.]

The question going through my mind is, “These people who can’t spell it, are they doing it right? Or do they spell it that way because they have ‘mastered’ it?” To quote Sigmund Freud, “The only thing about masturbation to be ashamed of is doing it badly.”


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