Monthly Detritus Report (03-11)

Another month’s worth of random chatter from the Monkey Mind as it leaps from limb to limb, howls, scratches itself and flings feces at passers by…

  • 01 – Sunday’s dry, scratchy throat has blossomed into a monster head cold. Still have my appetite. Feed a cold, starve a fever, right?
  • 03 – So many activities and interests have taken a back seat recently. The back seat is getting pretty crowded. Who’s driving this bus?
  • 04 – Feeling almost human this morning, just in time for the weekend!
  • 10 – RT @youngstownnude: I want it to be warm, I want to be naked and I want it now! I second that!
  • 11 – Reading random posts on For What It’s Worth. Very entertaining. Who knew depression and the Dark Side could be so much fun?
  • 11 – RT @yisforyogini: my balls are tired. and i don’t even have any. that’s fatigue. er, phantom fatigue.
  • 12 – Getting very frustrated with Quicken support. Time to change to another product after years of use. #quicken
  • 13 – Getting back on the mat this morning. Then I’ll rip out carpet. To serve and to maintain, that’s my dharma.
  • 13 – Yoga this morning was exactly what I needed.
  • 13 – Time to do my husbandly duty … taking out the trash.
  • 14 – Happy Pi Day!
  • 15 – Recent spam: “Use Your Dating Skills to Find a Job” – Eh, I’d still be unemployed…and lonely.
  • 15 – “Private” yoga class tonight. Feeling very restored now.
  • 17 – Morale building suggestions: 1-Raises 2-Slap the boss day 3-Nude Fridays. I vote for #3. How soon do we implement? Works for me (FWIW)
  • 18 – Yay, it’s Friday. a textile Friday but still Friday.
  • 19 – Back from the vet with Hooze. Possible tumor in left kidney. Trying fluid IV again for a few days. Vet again on Wed for check.
  • 23 – Hooze getting steadily weaker, barely able to get up. Drug herself around the house last night. Appt with vet this PM. I’ll miss her.
  • 25 – 2 sure things in life – death and taxes. Dealt with one this week, still need to deal with the other.
  • 28 – 35 wonderful years together. Mahal kita, Honeyko!
  • 28 – Dinner at a Japanese steak house then Lowe’s to buy a refrigerator. Who says romance is dead?
  • 28 – Should we stand by our principles & do what’s right or do we compromise our integrity and make a buck now? Seems like an easy choice to me.
  • 29 – Learned that I “qualify for a 2010/2011 membership to the National Association of Professional Women.” Was it my man-boobs?

Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.