Monthly Detritus Report (02-11)

More random chattering from the Monkey Mind as it leaps from limb to limb, howls, scratches itself and flings feces at passers by…

  • 03 – Power finally back after it went out on Tuesday. I love electricity!
  • 04 – After a couple of days without power, still trying to catch up on my virtual life.
  • 06 – RT @yisforyogini: yoga class yesterday. lying in savasana, i could think of nothing but Twitter. #twitterpated #yogadork (like it)
  • 06 – Watched Kung Fu Panda. Entertaining with crumbs of fortune cookie Zen. There is no charge for awesomeness. There is no secret ingredient.
  • 07 – RT @alyankovic: BTW, Christina Aguilera, nice job at the Super Bowl, but changing the words to songs is MY gig.
  • 07 – Checkup with the cute doctor went well. Kinda disappointed she didn’t ask to see my hernia scar. Any excuse to drop my trousers.
  • 08 – Good restorative class tonight. Intention was “surrender” which was what I did in the practice. Just what I needed.
  • 09 – Why do people have a problem with the idea of me being nude? Or do they have a problem with nudity in general? It’s really no big deal
  • 09 – RT @yisforyogini: “If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane.” – Robert Frost (It wasn’t Jimmy Buffet?)
  • 10 – Dayton’s News Source :: Top Stories – A Taste of Summer Amid Frigid Temps via @AddThis (Hot Yoga @ Sri)
  • 10 – Was caught in a time warp tonight. Thought I was running late but showed up for my yoga class ½ hour early. 2 Savasanas!
  • 11 – A couple of interesting tickets today. One computer wouldn’t power up even after they tried unplugging it. It was running when I got there. Guess they plugged it in. Another user requested a volume chip be installed. I’ll have to research that one. (FB)
  • 12 – Challenging yoga class today. Crash from tripod headstand may have taken out the stereo system temporarily with the shock wave.
  • 12 – It may have been a coincidence but the shock wave of my crash from tripod headstand may have taken out the sound system temporarily. It was a loud, hard landing. Sound system and I fully recovered. (FB)
  • 13 – A full day of yoga today 8:30 to 4:00. It’s all good. #fb
  • 14 – Happy Avian Mating Day! #fb
  • 18 – Back from Vincennes, IN. It was fun but it’s good to be home.
  • 19 – Family Yoga at Sri with Abi and Nick. Quite an adventure! #fb
  • 19 – This evening I learned most toilets flush in the key of E-flat. I’m sure that will be useful sometime.(Bathroom Tech on History Channel) #fb
  • 26 – Family yoga with Nick & Abi this afternoon. Fun to let my hair down for a while, letting go without fear – sthira sukha asanam #fb
  • 27 – A good day of yoga – sutra study, asana and meditation. #fb

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