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5 Things You Won’t Believe Aren’t In the Bible

I am not what anyone would call religious but I do have a strange fascination with religion in general and Christianity in particular, so I found this article an interesting read. It has been my observation over the years that many Christian ideas and beliefs and much of its dogma have little if any basis in scripture. Much of it seems to have come from reformed sinners turned saintly philosophers, sequestered monks with overactive imaginations, artists (poets, novelists, essayists, painters and sculptors) and a few well-meaning infallible popes.

Most Christian holidays have little basis in scripture either. Most are old pagan rites and celebrations given a Christian twist. Easter commemorates Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection but the day on which it falls is more related to pagan fertility festivals and phases of the moon than it does with the Jewish Passover which, in my opinion, is inseperable from the observed events.

The 40 days of Lent relate to the time Jesus spent in the desert and faced temptations. That is a Christian observance but, it’s closely tied to Easter. Christmas, or Christ’s Mass Day, is actually the Roman Saturnalia and the Teutonic winter solstices celebrations. An infallible pope decreed that December 25th would be Christ’s birthday despite the Gospels indicating he was most likely born in the spring. There aren’t any truly Christian holidays.

Over the last two thousand years, Christian evangelism has taken what is sacred and holy to others and twisted it to their own belief structure in order to subjugate those who believed differently. While it is no longer official Church doctrine to kill non-believers, many denominations still have ways to make their influence felt. Some are less subtle than others.

I don’t follow any particular faith but I have my own ideas, drawn from various sources, about spirituality, the Divine, devotion and faith. I find ideas are much easier to work with than beliefs and as new knowledge is accumulated, ideas can be adapted. Although I don’t believe in an anthropomorphic deity or a personal savior with get-out-of-jail-free salvation, I am not spiritually or morally lacking. Nor am I lacking in righteousness or faith. I have found myself on a path to find peace and union with the Divine. I’m seeking the same thing that Jesus envisioned for all of mankind. I’m just following a different path to the same destination.

To paraphrase Mark Twain’s remarks about education and schooling, “I’ve never let religion interfere with my relationship with the Divine.”


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One thought on “Not in the Bible”

  1. In my posts here have I been too critical of religion, particularly Christianity? I don’t mean to be overly critical but I think my posts on religion may have come off that way. I’m sorry if anyone has been offended but I stand by what I’ve said.

    In general, I see religion, particularly Western religions, as a means to control people, mostly through guilt, fear, and the propagation of ignorance. Religions bury the Universal Truths under piles of dogma and doctrine. Many of the rules contained in the holy books were established in ancient times when religion was the central authority in people’s lives. Two thousand years later we still have those rules which are usually brought up only when it’s convenient to use them to express moral outrage, justify atrocities, or to subjugate a group of people. Societies and cultures have advanced yet they cling to religions that are stuck in a time long since past.

    It’s apparent that religion works on some level of faith for most people. If it works for you, great. All I ask is that when you do show compassion and empathy, you do it with no strings attached and without expectations of conversion. Be compassionate because it is the right thing to do not because it furthers your religion. Those whom you are trying to help probably already have a religion so respect their beliefs and their culture as you open your heart. And as you open your heart, open your mind as well.

    “Your religious beliefs should not be imposed on anyone, including yourself.”


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