Healthy Ala Carte TV

Why is DirecTV subverting my efforts to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle? I don’t watch much television and I’m somewhat particular about my what I view. I used to really enjoy Discovery’s Fit-TV because it had some good programs featuring yoga, fitness and cooking. Then a while back, DirecTV changed the channel lineup for my package so that Fit_TV was no longer available to me.

I enjoyed some of the programming on the Discovery Health channel but now that has become the Oprah Winfrey Network, a platform essentially promoting Oprah Winfrey and whatever she’s pushing at the moment. The former Discovery Health programming has apparently moved to Fit-TV which is unavailable as far as I’m concerned.

Why can’t cable and satellite providers offer their subscribers ala carte programming and let each subscriber pick and choose the channels they want to view individually. I’m paying for a shit load of sports channels and other crap I never view while I can’t view many channels I’d enjoy unless I upgrade to a more expensive package which will, by default, contain more channels I would never watch. I’m sure the technology exists and is in place for this to happen. I don’t see that it would be that difficult.


Author: Rick

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