Twitter Detritus (11-10)

Presenting a cornucopia of mental flotsam and jetsam in chewy, easy-to-swallow, tweet-sized bites:

  • 01 – @youngstownnude: Why is it fun to be naked? Mere words cannot explain, must be experienced firsthand to be comprehended.
  • 02 – Getting out of bed in the morning isn’t so painful now. However, I still dislike the idea.
  • 04 – New job keeping me busy but not panicked (yet). 1 deep position but seem to have a good support system & good relationship at hospital.
  • 05 – Doc says I can resume pre-surgery yoga practice. After Turkey Day I should be able to resume it all. Will show much ahimsa to myself.
  • 07 – Why is the process of simplifying one’s life so damned complicated? We go out of our way to create complications to make our lives easier.
  • 07 – Human beings are the only creatures that allow their children to come back home. — Bill Cosby
  • 09 – Back on the mat! 1st yoga class since before my surgery. Neglected muscles complained but no problems with the affected area.
  • 11 – Yoga date with Abigail last night. I think I overdid it…at dinner. Blood sugar is too high this morning. Didn’t seem like too many carbs.
  • 11 – Veterans’ Day. Honor them & remember their sacrifices. Every one sacrificed something. Many gave all and many needlessly. Honor them all.
  • 11 – Dental implant went well. Awake for it. Not much pain or swelling after, at least not so far.
  • 14 – Dell Certs kicking my ass, busting my ego. I will prevail.
  • 15 – Laptop effing up big time. No keyboard in XP. Time to back it up and start over when I find time to do it. Could be a while.
  • 19 – Does Dell use the same exam writers as Microsoft? The scenarios are just as improbable. Plus their cert site doesn’t support Linux.
  • 21 – Only 40 days left in 2010. Where has the year gone? What have I accomplished? At least it’s been an improvement over 2009 (for me anyway).
  • 22 – Mama’s computer is hozed by spyware. Gotta back up her files. May have to reload it. Can’t possibly get to it before Thursday.
  • 24 – RT CarrieFFisher: “I don’t question reality, I do my best to avoid it. I question reality T.V.”
  • 25 – RT nakedjen: It’s not Thanksgiving without Alice’s Restaurant & implements of destruction and with full orchestration and five… Alice’s Restaurant
  • 28 – @yisforyogini: still working on my tree @ 4am. I need to work on my tree too, Xmas and Vrksasana
  • 28 – Watched Woodstock Now & Then last night. I still find it amazing it happened. A unique event. Wish I had been there.
  • 29 – “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” ~ Andy Warhol

Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.